Is fertility treatment available to HIV positive people?

Yes. Fertility is important when trying for a baby. This is important whether you are HIV positive or not.

The same fertility support services should be provided for HIV positive as for HIV negative people.

There will be the same levels (which can be quite strict) of screening given to you as any couple accessing fertility treatment. Sometimes this will not be available on the NHS.

You might encounter resistance to this help because you are HIV positive. You can and should complain if you do.

You might want to choose a clinic that is more sympathetic and has experience with HIV positive parents.

I am HIV positive. My partner is HIV negative.

We have two beautiful daughters. Both conceived naturally. Both, like their mum, are HIV negative

We initially considered sperm washing, but we would have needed to use artificial insemination. This was extremely expensive and involved travelling and giving my partner hormone injections.

This was not the way we wanted to have a baby.

We decided that the risk of transmission with someone who was undetectable for many years, extremely adherent and had no STIs was very low.

So we bought a cheap ovulation test and did it naturally… and it worked… twice!

Mauro, Italy

Last updated: 1 April 2019.