What else do I need to remember for the birth?

Many books on pregnancy recommend you pack a bag or small suitcase in advance. This is especially important if you plan a vaginal delivery. You might have to rush to hospital.

Include pyjamas or something to wear in hospital, a toothbrush and wash bag. Most important: include your HIV drugs. Remember to bring them with you even if you are not sure you are in labour.

Remember to take all your drugs on time as usual. This includes the day of vaginal delivery or planned caesarean. It is a critically important time to be sure that you don’t miss any doses.

Remembering to do so might be difficult with everything going on, particularly if you are waiting for a long time.

Make sure that your partner or friend and healthcare team know your medication schedule, and where you keep them. They can help you to remember to take your drugs on time.

Last updated: 1 April 2019.