Age, HIV drugs and heart disease

Orange heartHIV drugs are very safe for your heart but a few are not recommended.

The biggest risks for heart disease are smoking cigarettes, poor diet and low exercise – or not being on ART.

HIV drugs linked to heart disease are abacavir, maraviroc and darunavir. Also, some older drugs that are now rarely used (ddI, fosamprenavir/r, lopinavir/r and saquinavir/r).

Your HIV doctor should check your risk of heart disease online when you are diagnosed, before ART and then every year.

BHIVA recommend several online risk calculators:

The QIntervention calculator also looks at risk for type-2 diabetes.

The i-Base guide includes detailed info on all main side effects:

HIV and your quality of life: a guide to side effects and long term health

It also covers long-term health issues related to ageing well with HIV.

This link includes info on every HIV drug:

Information on individual ARVs


NHS Better Health: quit smoking apps and tips

As with HIV negative people, lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of heart disease is good advice if you are HIV positive.

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Last updated: 1 June 2022.