Does everyone need ART?

Generally yes. Even with a high CD4 count, HIV can still cause serious problems.

ART is very effective and easy to take. It often involves only one or two pills a day.

The main reason people delay ART is when there is only limited access to treatment in certain countries.

Some people also take a little time if they need to think about this change in their life. Or to sort out other things in their life first.

Even though it is better for your health to be on ART, you need to be committed to taking the meds. This usually turns out to be easier that you think.

My first reaction was to put off starting therapy for as long as possible. I tried to improve my immune system by stopping smoking and using supplements, until I realised that my best bet was to use ARVs. They are the only way to ensure my long-term survival.

After 8 months of resisting treatment I eventually started ARVs. I do not say that I gave in, but that I became more clever!

— Vladimir, St Petersburg

Last updated: 1 June 2022.