HIV Pipeline Report 2019

This is the third year that i-Base has produced the HIV pipeline report as part of the Fit for Purpose report on antiretroviral treatment optimisation.

Two versions are available:

1. The full Pipeline Report includes more information each drug, with full references.

2. The reduced “Pipeline-lite” version has a summary for each drug and is included in the i-Base Fit For Purpose report.

Both electronic versions (web and PDF) include hyperlinks to all research sources and references.

This review is based on HTB reports over the last year and coverage from CROI, IAS, EACS, Glasgow and other conferences. It also refers to some studies that will be presented at the AIDS 2019 conference being held in Mexico City from 21–24 July 2019.

Fit For Purpose will be launched just before the AIDS 2019 conference.

Read the Pipeline Report online

Download full pipeline report  (PDF)

Reduced Pipeline-lite report (PDF)