HIV+ survey on a cure: please support with 10 minutes

cure survey graphicAn online survey is looking for HIV positive people to say what we think about research into a cure.

Community advocates from the UK-CAB were also involved in writing the questions and will be involved in the analysis afterwards.

The survey is part of a UK cure research group called CHERUB and is supported by both BHIVA and Public Health England. Results will be used to help plan future research.

cure-survey-blueThe research is based in the UK, but this is an international survey open to people living in any country.

The survey only involves a few short questions and should only take about 10 minutes.

There is also an option to be entered into a prize draw.

Thanks for your help in contributing to this research.

Further reading

An update on cure research from the IAS 2014 Conference in Melbourne for the next issue of HTB: timeline for a cure, a new test to measure the latent reservoir, and first results showing that sleeping cells can be targeted to wake.