HTB 20 May 2019: vol 20 no 6 – conference reports and PARTNER 2 published in The Lancet

This issue of HTB includes reports from three conferences: an early report from INTEREST, additional reports from BHIVA 2019 and final reports from CROI.

The INTEREST report includes further data from women using dolutegravir during conception – without complications in this cohort.

Several of the BHIVA reports are notable for highlighting aspects of routine HIV care that are not meeting UK guidelines. The management examples we have included – diabetes and blood pressure, testosterone and the menopause – are likely to be relevant to many other UK clinics.

And we conclude our coverage from CROI 2019, with a review of the various studies looking at whether integrase inhibitors are associated with weight gain – individually, or as a class – and the answer unfortunately still calls for more and better data.

Finally, though the news is already widely distributed, we report that the full results from the PARTNER 2 study have been published as an open access paper in The Lancet. HTB readers will have already known these results last year when the study was presented at IAS in Amsterdam. But the publicity generated by The Lancet, meant that this important HIV story was covered on every TV news channel and both national and local press – and not just in the UK, but globally.