HTB January/February 2011 issue now online

The first issue of HTB in 2011 is now online.

We lead with reports from the first (yes, 30 years into the epidemic), first workshop on HIV and women.

Conference reports also include exciting news on a new TB medication (from the 41st World Conference on Lung Health, and a couple of final reports from the Lipodystrophy Workshop held in London back in November.

This issue also has a brief summary on changes to the US adult treatment guidelines (DHHS) which are important given that the UK guidelines (from BHIVA) were last updated in 2008 and are unlikely to be revised for at least another year.

Also included are articles on treatment access and the Global Fund, basic science including new drugs, a review article on treatment for peripheral neuropathy (cannabis is supported by clinical trials) and a review of a new book on nutrition and HIV.

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