IAS report: Caprisa 004 tenofovir microbicide trial – all in the details

We lead our coverage from the IAS conference in Vienna with an analysis of  the Caprisa 004 trial.

In terms of conference headlines, the biggest news came from the results of a prevention study called Caprisa 004. This study reported that a microbicide gel containing 1% tenofovir reduced the risk of infection to women when used before sex to protect against HIV by 39%.

Previous microbicides (not using HIV drugs) have not shown a benefit, so a positive result, no matter how slight, was likely to be greeted enthusiastically. When the results were presented, the audience gave the presenters a standing ovation.

.…As with all studies, the complexity of the results is in the details, and the presenters themselves cautioned that their results primarily signaled the urgency of running additional studies….

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