Introduction to Combination Therapy – July 2010 edition

Introduction to combination therapy guideThe July 2010 update to this widely used guide includes information about the most important aspects of HIV treatment. It is written and reviewed by HIV-positive people and it uses everyday language to explain medical terms.

Changes to this edition include:

  • Differences between the current UK and US guidelines about starting treatment at higher CD4 counts.
  • The START study is discussed in the context of earlier treatment.
  • The test for recent infection (within six months) is now also referred to as RITA rather than STARHS in the new programme by the Health Protection Agency (HPA). This test is recommended for anyone who is newly diagnosed, especially if they think they have a recent infection.
  • A new reference about the benefit of carrying a few days additional meds in you travel is included in the adherence tips.
  • Information on new drugs or new formulations and the ARV chart has been updated.
  • The information on HIV treatment during pregnancy includes not to panic if you become pregnant when on efavirenz and that AZT is being used less frequently.
  • The information on alcohol now includes a reference to the risk of alcohol use reducing adherence.