New guide: HIV testing and sexual transmission

In response to the number of questions we get about risks of HIV transmission and HIV testing, i-Base have produced a new guide.

This booklet is about sexual transmission of HIV and HIV testing. It is written for people who are HIV negative or HIV positive.

Although you can stay negative by abstinence, this guide is written for people who have sex.

It includes information on:

  • How HIV risk is more than just about condoms.
  • How and when different tests can be used.
  • What test results mean, especially in relation to the time since your last potential risk.
  • The importance of making your own decisions about your sexual health.

Three appendices cover more complex and technical information about how HIV tests work is only available in the online and PDF versions of this guide. This information is still in easy to understand language.

Your feedback on this guide helps us develop new resources and improve this resource. All comments are really appreciated.