Support groups

Every day, thousands of other people will be finding out they are HIV positive.

Sometimes HIV is easier to mange if you know a other people in a similar situation.

Some people like to do this face-to-face but itis also easy to connect online and virtually.

  • How to connect may not always be easy, but it should be possible. HIV is difficult to manage on your own, so you may need a support network that include friends and/or family.
  • Managing life with HIV can be rough if you don’t know other people who are HIV positive.
  • If you live in a city, there is more chance that there is a support group. If there is not a support group in your area, perhaps plan a trip to the nearest town where you know a service runs. Or try to organise a meeting in your own area.
  • If this is difficult, then reading community newsletters will keep you up to date with information, and many offer online discussion forums.
  • The internet is also a good way to develop a network of friends where you can talk about your HIV status. (see poz.com)
  • You clinic may have a support group or a patient forum.
  • The THT has branches across the country and still runs some workshops for people that are recently diagnosed. Call for details on 0808 802 1221.
  • London support groups include at Positive East and Positively UK.