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I’m positive, my partner is negative can we have a relationship?

I’ve been positive since birth. I’m 27 and in a relationship with someone who is negative. He knows about my status. Can we marry?


Thanks for getting in touch.

There’s no reason at all why you can’t marry. Also if you’re on meds and have an undetectable viral load you won’t be able to transmit HIV to your partner. For more info, please see here:



  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Sly,

    Because you’ve been having sex with your wife when you didn’t realise that you were positive, then yes she could be infected. This is why its important that she tests, more so because she’s pregnant. Until you find out her result its important that you don’t have sex without using a condom. If she’s negative, then its important that you continue to use condoms.

    When will you be beginning meds?

  2. Sly

    Hi Lisa,
    I was recently diagnosed positive.i met my wife a year ago,i am sure i was infected before i met her.
    She is about 5 months pregnant and is waiting for her lab results.what are her chances of being not infected? I havent start ARV’s yet.
    Can she be negative?


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