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Questions about starting treatment, when to start, different guidelines, CD4 counts, immune boosters, generic drugs and side effects.

Questions about how to become pregnant (especially if only one partner is positive), when to use ART, the safety of meds, choice of delivery and feeding your baby.

Safety of modern drugs, short-term and long-term worry about side effects, modd changes and sleep problems with efavirenz, diarrhoea, rash, other side effects and worry about body changes.

Unexpected test results when one partner is postive and the other is negative, how to have a baby, question about PrEP and reducting risk to the negative partner.

Mood changes and sleep disturbance on efavirenz (including nightmares), what is normal and how long will this last, how to change treatment, alternative HIV meds, using efavirenz during pregnancy.

What is lipodystrophy and lipoatrophy, is weight gain normal, do modern drugs casue these side effects, changing treatment and the role of diet and exercise.

What is viral load, how to interpret results, what undetectable means, how quickly should viral load drop on ART.

How to increase your CD4 count, why “immune boosters” don’t work, how to interpret your CD4 count and CD4 percentage (CD4%), the risk of low CD4 counts, how quickly shoud CD4 counts increase on ART.

Using ART during pregnancy, having a baby, why sometime on partner is still negative, how to increase your CD4 count, “immune boosters” are a scam, side effects including neuropathy.

Life expectancy for adults and children at different CD4 counts, living with HIV long-term, interpreting research on life expectancy, long-term effectiveness of ART, role of other infections.

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Last updated: 4 January 2016.