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Will occasional missed dose of Atripla affect me if I am TTC?

Good day!

I suspect that I’m pregnant have been on meds (Atripla and generic versions depending on what I’m given) for at least 4 years. My bloods have been fluctuating between detectable and U (undetectable) which I hear is common. I work shift n sometimes still my meds affect me so I purposefully change my times daily.

I still take meds everyday for the most part (as sometimes i forget which i realise as of recently im not as focused as i used to be mentally). If I’ve forgotten then whenever i remember i immediately take them but sometimes this is the next day. Sometimes I take them an hour or 2 before or after my time depending on my work schedule and lunch etc to minimise side effects during work.

Will this affect my baby> I’ve been TTC for 2 years and finally I think I’m successful.


Hey… congratulations!

Although I had to use google to learn that TTC means you are trying fro a baby, it is good for me to learn something new every day.

In general, the three meds in Atripla (or generics) reach good enough levels in your body to be able to have some flexibility with dosing. Once your viral load is undetectable, taking meds a few hours early or late is easily okay. Also, even missing a dose for a day is also usually okay.

If your viral load is at low levels when it blips above undetectable (for example staying less than 200), these blips might just be test errors. If these go much higher though, it would be better to try to be better at not missing doses.

Because of the problems your describe, in the UK, Atripla is not recommended for people on shift work. But is is also easy here to change to other combinations. Although in many countries there is less choice about access to treatment, it might be important to tell your doctor about this. Together with the blips, being pregnant might make it easier to access a different combination that is better for shift work.

Good luck with everything else – my fingers are crossed for you :)


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