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I am pregnant with undetectable VL without ART…

I am pregnant and was recently diagnosed with HIV. Doctor said my CD4 count is at 2000 and the viral load is undetectable.

My question is, since the viral load is undetectable, should I start taking ART treatment to prevent passing it onto my baby or is it safe not taking ART treatment since the viral load is undetectable?

If it is safe not to take ART, should I keep testing for viral load until the baby is born?

Lastly, once the baby is born would I be able to breastfeed?


Without more details it is difficult to comment.
What does your doctor say?
In general, viral load is likley to become detectable at some point. It is just not possible to predicted whether this will be in a few months or a few years.
It is probably better to therefore consider using ART during pregnancy. Then reassess everything after the baby is born. This would be better than having to worry about needing more frequent viral load testing. Or finding out that your virl load becomes detectable during the late stages of pregnancy.
For the same reason, it would probably be better to be on ART if you are going to breastfeed.
i-ase advocates are not doctors, so talking this with your doctor is important.


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