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Do ARVS affect your periods?

Hello , I have been taking my HIV meds for around a month now , can this affect my period? My last period ( 1st day of period ) was on 22nd of September 2018 now its 4th November . I had 3 urine pregnancy tests but all negative . Can this be because of meds? I don’t get any symptoms of period nor feel any pregnancy symptoms ( only maybe paranoid my nipples are abit sore )
Please help I spoke to my docs but they said not to worry.


Thanks for getting in touch.

ARVs don’t affect a woman’s menstrual cycle. Therefore this is something that you may wish to discuss with a specialist if it continues.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Ali,

    Please discuss this issue with your doctor.

  2. ali

    hello, i have been ARV and Cotrimoxazole since january 2018, can this effect to my thrombosis? since my platelets is only 75.000 (normal number is: 150.000-250.000). I worry about it..pls help me


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