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Is there any update on cure research?

Hi, what are researchers doing now to look at a cure? Where can I get more information?


Treatments now are better than they have ever been. There is a real chance of a normalised lifespan for people who are diagnosed early and who have access to modern meds. But of course a cure is the ideal long term goal.

Over the last few years there has been a new focus on cure research.

This recent article from the US activist group Project Inform, is a good overview of the current state of several different approaches.

The International AIDS Society (IAS) is helping to develop the research programme, including by organising meetings and workshops. IAS news on cure research is at this link.

Reports and webcasts from previous IAS cure meetings are available at the same link.

Another good site, that has been running for many years, though is more technical is www.hiv-reservoir.net. This site is linked to another workshop held every two years on HIV persistence and includes links to webcasts from the most recent workshop held in December 2011 in St Maartin.

These include the following short webcasts and interviews from the 5th International Workshop on HIV Persistence, Reservoirs and Eradication Strategies:


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