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I found out I’m pregnant while taking efavirenz?

I found out I was pregnant when already on Atripla and my concerns were what I had read up on efavirenz (initially). I’m 43 and this is my first pregnancy, and this latter issue is now more worrisome than the previous one. Your input, please!?


Hello, thank-you for your question. And congratulations on your pregnancy!

Many women who are pregnant or trying to conceive contact us to ask about efavirenz.

Many years ago, efavirenz was not recommended during pregnancy.

Much more recent data has shown that these concerns are no longer important.

Many women have safely become pregnant when they are already taking ARVs, including efavirenz (or Atripla which contains efavirenz).

UK guidelines  recommend that efavirenz can continue to be used by women who want to become pregnancy. They also recommend that efavirenz can be used by during pregnancy.

You also said that you are concerned about this being your first pregnancy at 43. I’m not a maternity expert and I can’t give you much advice about this. It’s important to talk to your doctor or midwife about your concerns. Many women who become pregnant in their late 30s and early 40s have perfectly healthy pregnancies and babies. It’s important to get advice from your healthcare team to help make your pregnancy as healthy as possible.

Our guide to HIV, pregnancy and women’s health is available to read online or to download. The guide contains information about many issues around pregnancy and HIV, including mother to child transmission; prenatal care and delivery choices. You can access it at this link: HIV, pregnancy and women’s health.


  1. Busie

    Hi my name is Busie,I have been living with HIV for about 10 yrs now.The problem now I want a bby and my partner is hiv- so we are using condom.My viral load is below 70 so I dnt know how to convince him about how safe he will be if we dnt use condon .He wants a bbe with me and he loves me.We have been together now for 4yrs.Please advise me.Thank you

  2. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Punky,

    If you’re having issues with getting pregnant, this won’t be due to the ARVs. This is because ARV’s don’t affect a person’s fertility. If you want info on what to expect when pregnant and positive, please see here:


  3. Punky

    Hi I’ve got pregnant while I was 14 end now I’m 40. Taking arv end want to get pregnant plz help.

  4. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Portia, It’s good news that you’ve started taking ARVs. And great that you’re thinking about having a baby. Your ARVs can get your viral load to undetectable. This can protect your baby from HIV. Many HIV positive mothers now have healthy HIV negative babies. Being undetectable will protect your partner from HIV too. There’s more info in this guide to HIV, pregnancy and women’s health.

  5. portia

    Hey am Hiv positive an I’ve started taking arv an my partner is negative, the thing is we need a child what can we do,but now we’re using protection :

  6. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Nosi,

    It not possible to say if your baby will be born positive or not. You are however doing the right thing by being on meds. Its the meds that will help reduce the risk of transmission. For more info about HIV and pregnancy, please see here:


  7. Nosi

    Hi. i need help, i am on arv’s and i just found out that i am pregnant. will i infect the baby?

  8. melissa

    Hellos how u doing? I’m hiv+ and so is my partner we both undecterable today I got my latest test and I’m lower than undeceterable and cd4 1695 I’m on treatment for the past 4 years I want to really try for a boy baby but worried if my arvs is stopping this from happening cause from last year august 2016 I stop all family planning my partner and I been very active but still no results of pregnancy I need to know what can I take while on my arvs to try and conceive

  9. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Melissa,

    ARVs don’t cause fertility problems. Therefore, if you’re having problems with conceiving you should speak to a fertility doctor about this.

  10. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Kat,

    You being on meds is the best thing that you can do to prevent mother to child transmission.

    As for whether your baby will be born negative or not, this isn’t possible to say. This is why babies need to be tested and also take medication when they are first born. For more info, please see here:



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