This page links to references for the i-Base treatment guides and Pocket-ART leaflets.

Each resource is based on UK and international treatment guidelines, plus additional research studies.

Pocket ART logo 160 x160The same references are used for both the small pocket size leaflet and the A5 booklet.


  • Pocket ART – an introduction to HIV treatment

References page.

This lists the treatment guidelines that were used for the full resources, with web links to these sources.

  • Pocket QoL 160x160 logo
    Pocket QoL and side effects – a guide to 

References page.

in addition to treatment guidelines, this resource has over 350 additional references..

  • Pocket pregnancy – an introduction to HIV and pregnancy.

Pocket pregnancy logo 160x160 References page.

Links to the main guidelines used for this resource.


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Last updated: 1 January 2017