Advocacy organisations

Many thousands of different organisations work globally on treatment advocacy issues.

Some of the groups that work on an international level and which are membership-based are listed below.

Activist network in the USA linking around 200 members.

Pan European organisation with about 100 members from most countries in the EU and Eastern Europe.

This is an unique conference focusing on community advocacy in HIV treatment and prevention research. The website includes an excellent of slides from the 2010 meeting. Formerly North American Treatment Action Forum (NATAF).

International advocacy project that works on developing treatment literacy and access to treatment, with over 1100 members.

Based in South Africa and with around 20,000 members, TAC is the largest advocacy project and publishes many resources online.

The UK CAB is a network for community HIV treatment advocates across the UK. The CAB meets four times a year and has it’s own website where all meetings, reading materials and presentations are online. The CAB also runs an online discussion forum.

An international collaboration of initially coordinated by activists from i-Base in the UK and GMHC in the USA in collaboration with ITPC who now run this project. The focus of bringing international activists with drug companies (both originator and generic) is to increase equity of access.