Early reports from CROI 2019: breakthroughs in HIV care

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

This year the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2019) was held from 4–7 March in Seattle.

The meeting had an exciting programme with research that will be reported over at least the next three issues of HTB.

Headline news included:

  • Breakthroughs in cure research including two new cases of potential cures – defined as sustained remission off-ART. One case is from the UK and another from Germany. Limited case details were reported in a New York times article before the CROI presentations.
  • HIV and pregnancy including numerous studies looking at risk of neural tube defects at conception with integrase inhibitors.
  • Urgently-needed information on dosing dolutegravir in paediatric populations.
  • Strategies for treating MDR-TB as well as treating and preventing TB in people receiving ART regimens.
  • Pipeline HIV drugs, including bNAbs and long-acting formulations and new classes of capsid inhibitors and maturation inhibitors.
  • PrEP (including first results with TAF).
  • Numerous complications, including obesity, cardiovascular risk and bone health.
  • Side effects, including whether integrase inhibitors are linked to weight gain.

CROI is notable for providing same-day or next-day webcasts for most talks and comprehensive online access to abstracts and PDF files for posters.

This year HTB with include summary highlights for each day of the conference, with links to key studies.

Early articles will be posted as links below.