Early reports from the 15th European AIDS Conference in Barcelona (EACS)

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

15th EACS graphicThe 15th European AIDS Conference (EACS) is being held this year from 21-24 October 2015.

This news page will list links to early reports.

However, the unexpected results from the first of these reports on dolutegravir monotherapy have the potential to eclipse hundreds of other excellent studies presented at the meeting.

The programme and abstracts are already available online through the conference planner. Further materials will be posted after the conference, including webcasts and Powerpoint slides from oral sessions and PDF files of many posters.


Early reports from EACS:

Essential guidelines based on easy-to-access management tables and algorithms.

Case study that used careful prescribing to retain new drug options and non-ARVs to get first undetectable viral load after twenty years of ART.

An article discussing the implications for HIV positive people of the dolutegravir mono and dual therapy studies at EACS.

Two studies using dolutegravir as a single drug treatment (monotherapy) showed remarkable results that if supported with longer follow-up, have the potential to change HIV treatment and access globally, not least because of cost.

Although early ART didn’t show improvements in lung function, the lack of any negative impact form treatment means that early ART is likely to be safe for people at risk of COPD.