Protecting and ensuring a woman’s health

Healthy pregnant motherThe most important things to consider for your baby to be healthy are:

  • Your own health
  • Your own HIV treatment.

This cannot be stressed enough.

Overall, your treatment should be largely the same as if you were not pregnant.

Preventing transmission and the health of your baby are directly linked to your treatment.

Prenatal counselling for HIV positive women should always include:

  • Starting treatment if you are not already taking it when you get pregnant.
  • ART and pregnancy if you are already taking it when you find out you are pregnant.
  • Advice and discussion about how to prevent vertical transmission.

Your child is certainly going to want you to be well and healthy as he
or she grows up. And you will want to be able to watch him or her go
to school and become an adult. A healthy mother is vital for the health of a child.

Last updated: 1 April 2019.