Routine care if you have already started PrEP

Once you have started PrEP, monitoring is just as important. If you are currently using PrEP and have not been monitored, talk to the clinic about doing this now.

Every 3-4 months

  • Have a 4th-generation HIV blood test. This is also called an antigen/antibody (Ag/Ab) HIV blood test.
  • Test for other STIs.
  • An additional blood test for kidney function (creatinine) might be needed every six months. This is if you are older than 40 or are at risk of kidney problems. Abnormal kidney results might need monitoring more often.

Every 12 months

  • Have a blood test to check your kidney function.
  • Test for hepatitis C if you are having sex with gay men.

For trans and non binary people

If you have concerns about hormone interactions please speak to your doctor. Apart from ethinylestradiol (which should not be used with PrEP), hormone levels are not be affected.

However, if this is something you are worried about, it is important to talk to your doctor about your concerns.

Last updated: 1 November 2019.