Continued use of efavirenz

As mentioned earlier, efavirenz is no longer a preferred drug treatment guidelines. This includes in the UK, European or US guidelines. It also includes WHO guidelines for low- and middle-income countries.

This is because although efavirenz has a long history of being widely used and is now very cheap, many people have difficult side effects.

No regions in the UK should continue to use efavirenz to save money. Even though side effects often become manageable within a few weeks, integrase inhibitors should always be tried first.

UK guidelines also recommend that people who are already taking efavirenz, also be offered a chance to change to an integrase inhibitor.

No one in the UK should have to put up with side effects from efavirenz.

If efavirenz affects your sleep, your moods or your confidence, or if it makes you feel more anxious and nervous, your treatment should be switched to an alternative HIV drug.

Efavirenz should not be prescribed for anyone who is anxious or depressed or who has a history of these symptoms. It should not be precribed for people who work shifts.

Last updated: 1 February 2023.