Future drugs

The following research drugs might become available in the future.

Learning about new research shows how your care might change in the future.

How quickly these drugs become available is difficult to predict.

Islatravir (EFdA)

Islatravir is a new type of nuke that is being studied for HIV treatment and forĀ  prevention (PrEP).

Although it is being used in a few studies, most research is on-hold. This is because it might reduce CD4 counts.


Lenacapavir is a capsid inhibitor that is given every 6 months by a subcutaneous injection (under the skin).

It needs to used with other HIV meds though. It might be approved earlier for use against drug resistant HIV.

Monoclonal antibodies (bNAbs)

bNAbs are an immune-based treatment. As well as reducing viral load they might also make your immune system stronger.

Although one bNAb called ibalizumab is approved to treat HIV drug resistance, many others are being studied.

Last updated: 1 June 2022.