Future meetings and webinars 2023/24

The following listing covers selected upcoming HIV-related meetings and workshops. Registration details, including for community and community press are included on the relevant websites.

Some meetings are in person, some are virtual and others offer both options.

Academic Medical Education (AME) meetings and workshops
Several AME workshops (previously Virology Education) are highlighted below but 35 meetings are planned each year. Many virtual meetings include free registrations for health workers, researchers and community. (meetings listings)
Webcasts from meetings (YouTube listing)


15th AIDSImpact Conference
12 – 14 June 2023, Stockholm, Sweden

12th IAS Conference pre-meetings
21–21 July 2023, Brisbane, Australia

HIV Cure & Immunotherapy Forum
22 July 2023, Brisbane, Australia

12th IAS Conference on HIV Science
23 – 26 July 2023, Brisbane, Australia

30 Intl Workshop on HIV Drug Resistance and Treatment Strategies
20–22 September 2023, Cape Town, South Africa

19th European AIDS Conference (EACS 2023)
18 – 21 October 2023, Warsaw, Poland

6th Southern African HIV Clinicians Society Conference (SAHCS 2023)
8 – 10 November 2023, Cape Town, South Africa


CROI 2024
3 – 6 Mach 2024, Denver, Colarado

5th HIV Research for Prevention Conference (R4P 2024)
6 – 10 October 2024, Lima, Peru, and virtual.

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