Conference reports

CROI 2024 final reports: statins, doxy-PEP and TAF implant

Doxy-PEP studies at CROI 2024

HIV and statins: REPRIEVE studies at CROI 2024

Challenges with annual TAF implant

BHIVA Spring Conference (BHIVA 2024)

CROI 2024 now online and open access

BHIVA best of CROI webinars now online

CROI 2024: Opening lecture calls for scientists to speak up for LGBTQ+ rights in Uganda

CROI 2024: Pipeline ART – new drugs and formulations

CROI 2024: Studies using tecovirimat to treat mpox

CROI 2024: Promising results from first study of long-acting treatment in Africa

CROI 2024: HIV studies with semaglutide: significant benefits but limited access for treatment and research

CROI 2024: studies to watch for at this upcoming conference

14th International Workshop on HIV and Ageing

Sarcopenia and mitochondrial dysfunction in people living with HIV: the impact of ageing

Measuring sarcopenia in people living with HIV

19th EACS (EACS 2023)

EACS 2023: HIV cure-related research

EACS 2023: European guidelines fully revised (October 2023)

EACS 2023: Prevalence of doravirine drug resistance in large cohort in British Columbia

EACS 2023: Switching to daily fixed-dose doravirine/islatravir: 96-week results

EACS 2023: TDF/FTC dual-nuke ART: not supported by ALTAR study

EACS 2023: EATG video campaign against HIV stigma

12th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2023): further reports

IAS 2023: Lenacapavir studies at IAS: weekly oral dosing and baseline sensitivity in non-clade B settings

IAS 2023: LA-CAB/RPV as first-line ART and implementation studies

IAS 2023: bNAbs for prevention and cure: antiviral and vaccine-like responses

IAS 2023: High rates of re-suppression with dolutegravir in the ADVANCE study

IAS 2023: Bictegravir use in pregnancy: more data needed

IAS 2023: In-utero tenofovir-based PrEP has no effect on children’s bone mineral density

12th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2023): further reports

IAS 2023: Update to navigating the programme and online access

IAS 2023: Metabolic and weight changes using GLP-1 agonists in people living with HIV: need for more data

IAS 2023: CHAPAS-4 supports better second-line options for children

IAS 2023: Rapporteur summary Track A – basic science

IAS 2023: Rapporteur summary Track C – prevention

IAS 2023: Rapporteur summary Track D – social and behavioural science

12th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2023)

IAS 2023: Update to navigate the programme and online access

WHO endorses “zero” transmission risk for people with HIV with an undetectable viral load

Viral load level when suppressed <1000 predicts future rebound: 3-monthly monitoring required

ART-associated hypertension can be successfully treated in African settings

REPRIEVE study: statin benefits people living with HIV at low to moderate CVD risk

Geneva patient and other HIV cure research at IAS 2023

Guide to other HIV cure-related research at IAS 2023

Rapporteur summaries: track B clinical science

Early press conference: cure, gay circumcision, PrEP choices, mpox, and COVID-19

High rates of occult HBV in Botswana: risks from relying on HBsAg screening

Anal cancer: 1 in 5 risk of missing precancerous lesions if only HSIL are biopsied

29th BHIVA Annual Conference 2023 (BHIVA 2023) – final reports

No vertical HIV transmissions in the UK from women eligible for supported breastfeeding

Adverse birth outcomes with diabetes and hypertensive disorders in pregnancy

BHIVA Annual Conference 2023 (BHIVA 2023)

UK cascade data cautions UNAIDS 95:95:95 targets: re-engaging people in care

Overview of weight gain, integrase inhibitors and ART

Selected webcasts from BHIVA 2023

30th CROI (CROI 2023): final reports

Viral reservoir increases on long-term ART: new strategies for a cure

Microbiota biomarkers might predict risk of HSIL progression: succinyl-CoA and cobalamin

CROI overviews by BHIVA and IAS-USA

30th CROI (CROI 2023): further reports

Dapivirine ring safe in late pregnancy and during breastfeeding

Implications of restrictions on reproductive rights for HIV care in the USA and beyond

30th Conference on Retroviruses and OIs (CROI 2023): first reports

CROI 2023: Pipeline HIV drugs and formulations for treatment and PrEP

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