Conference reports

Single undetectable viral load is sufficient for U=U in the context of good adherence

BHIVA 2020 virtual conference

Worryingly low HIV knowledge among health workers at London hospital: 80% unaware of U=U, 36% worried about their risk from patients

12th International Workshop on HIV paediatrics

Dolutegravir dosing for infants and young children

HIV Therapy Glasgow 2020

Adverse pregnancy outcomes among Spanish women hospitalised with COVID-19

51st World Conference on Lung Health

No increase in adverse birth outcomes with IPT-exposure in pregnancy in two African cohorts

International workshop on clinical pharmacology of HIV, hepatitis, and other antiviral drugs

New neonatal liquid formulations of dolutegravir have comparable bioavailability to dispersible paediatric tablet

HIV Therapy Glasgow 2020

Capsid inhibitor lenacapavir, dosed six-monthly, has high barrier to drug resistance and no cross-resistance to other classes

Single doses of MK-8507 reduce viral load by mean –1.5 log and support once-weekly dosing above 80 mg

Weight gain with dolutegravir-based ART in Nigerian cohort

COVID-19: pathogenesis and treatment 

EACS guidelines updated (v.10.1) for Glasgow conference

International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of HIV, Hepatitis, and Other Antiviral Drugs

FTC exposure higher in young transgender men than cisgender controls

Levels of long-acting anti-HIV bNAb high in infants after 1 or 2 doses – but not high enough

23rd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2020): second reports

Capsid inhibitor lenacapavir (GS-6207) allows for 6-monthly dosing

Weight gain with integrase inhibitors and TAF: three reports from AIDS 2020

Dolutegravir non-inferior to efavirenz at week 96 in the NAMSAL study but associated with substantial weight gain

Switching from efavirenz- to dolutegravir-based ART second-line achieved good rates of suppression: first results from the VISEND study

Paediatric dolutegravir dosing at AIDS 2020

COVID-19 outcomes in HIV positive people in two large US cohorts

AIDS 2020: virtual content now available free and on-demand

Pathways to an HIV cure: online presentations

IAS COVID-19 Conference: introduction

Conference opening and making sense of the science

HepC drugs for COVID-19: sofosbuvir/daclatasvir show faster recovery and reduced mortality

Predictors of response to remdesivir in GS-5773 COVID-19 study

AIDS 2020 online: introduction

AIDS 2020: Navigating the website

Neural tube defects in two of 1000 conception exposures with dolutegravir: reassuring update from Tsepamo study

Dolutegravir associated with weight gain in African ART programmes: findings from AFRICOS 

ADVANCE 96-week results: dolutegravir weight gain continues, especially in women and when used with TAF – no evidence of a plateau

Obesity linked to dolutegravir, especially with TAF, could increase risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes

Pregnancy meta-analysis: dolutegravir- versus efavirenz-based ART

Long-acting cabotegravir injections are effective as HIV PrEP in gay men and transgender women: results from HPTN 083

Case report of short-term HIV remission from adding oral nicotinamide to intensified ART

New HIV remission case report at AIDS 2020: full report

23rd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2020)

Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2020)

Predicted diabetes risk with first-line ART regimens: results from the ADVANCE trial

Dolutegravir-based ART is safe and effective for pregnant women: first results from the VESTED trial

A step forward for AAV-mediated delivery of bNAbs

10th International Workshop of HIV & Women

No neural tube defects among pregnancies with periconception dolutegravir exposure in the Dolomite-EPPICC cohort study

Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2020)

CROI 2020: Special session on COVID-19

Monthly islatravir for PEP and PrEP: 12 pills a year could cover unmet need for HIV prevention in billions of people globally

Long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine injections support two-monthly dosing

Safety and PK of bNAb elipovimab (GS-9722) support two-weekly dosing

First results with long-acting capsid inhibitor GS-6207: oral and subcutaneous formulations for use in naïve and multidrug resistance

Predicted diabetes risk with first-line ART regimens: results from the ADVANCE trial

Postpartum weight gain is higher with dolutegravir- compared with efavirenz-based ART among African women

London patient is second person to be cured of HIV from allogeneic stem-cell transplant

The London Patient tells his story as second person cured of HIV

17th European AIDS Conference (EACS 2019)

Long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine: similar results in women and men 

Antiretroviral pregnancy registry: dolutegravir update

Bictegravir/emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide appears to be safe and effective in women: results from a pooled analysis

No HIV transmission among Swiss infants born to mothers with undetectable viral load and who did not receive neonatal PEP

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