Conference reports

11th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2021)

IAS 2021 website now open access

Substudies from the ODYSSEY trial: results July 2021

Trial design for next generation PrEP

11th IAS Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2021)

IAS 2021: lenacapavir studies show impressive results in naive, extensive drug resistance and potential as PrEP

IAS 2021: HIV pipeline drugs: CAB/RPV LA, fostemsavir, paediatric dolutegravir, lenacapavir, islatravir, MK-8507 and albuvirtide

IAS 2021: Proving efficacy of next generation PrEP: counterfactual controls in lenacapavir and islatravir studies

IAS 2021: WHO report links HIV to 30% increased mortality from COVID-19: based on South African data

IAS 2021: New demands for better transgender heath care: No data no more

13th International Workshop on HIV Paediatrics 2021

Dolutegravir superior to standard-of-care in young children: results from the ODYSSEY trial

5th Joint BHIVA/BASHH Conference 2021

Few vertical HIV transmissions in the UK but contributing factors remain associated with inequality

5th joint BHIVA/BASSH conference 2021

Weight changes on ART and how to lose weight successfully

Selected presentations at BHIVA: COVID-19, PrEP in the UK, community involvement and more…

28th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2021) virtual

No differences in outcomes among women with and without HIV with high-risk pregnancies and COVID-19

Dolutegravir-based regimens safe and effective in pregnancy and postpartum

Dolutegravir superior to standard of care in children and adolescents: results from the ODYSSEY trial

Joint BHIVA/BASSH Spring Conference 2021

BHIVA registry reports HIV is independently linked to worse presentation and outcomes from COVID-19

HIV is linked to higher mortality from COVID-19 compared to HIV negative: 60% of deaths were black ethnicity

Case-control study of HIV positive people hospitalised with COVID-19

28th Conference on Retroviruses on Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2021)

Featured CROI 2021: First results using capsid inhibitor lenacapavir against MDR HIV: potential for six-monthly ART and PrEP

CROI 2021: Pregnancy outcomes and weight gain with dolutegravir and TAF

CROI 2021: New compounds for prevention and treatment of COVID-19

Oral molnupiravir at higher dose reduces SARS-CoV-2 viral load at day five in small phase 2 study

Bamlanivimab prophylaxis reduces hospitalisation and mortality: results from phase 3 BLAZE-2 study

Dual Eli-Lilly mAb bamlanivimab and etesevimab reduces hospitalisation after single infusion: results from BLAZE-1 study

Dual Regeneron mAbs casirivimab with imdevimab reduce transmission: interim results from phase 3 study

CROI 2021: Presentations from the LEAP workshop 2021

CROI 2021: Presentations on

28th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2021)

CROI 2021: Urgency of global access to vaccines, the potential of mAbs and the lessons learned from HIV

CROI 2021: Community challenge 6-month CROI pay wall – rather than usual open access…

CROI 2021: Once-daily GSK254 maturation inhibitor as treatment for HIV multidrug resistance

CROI 2021: Dosing for once-weekly oral ART: islatravir plus MK-8507 studies due to start in 2021

CROI 2021: Islatravir dosing for once-monthly and annual PrEP: if effective this could end HIV transmission

CROI 2021: Dolutegravir with recycled tenofovir and lamivudine performs well second-line: primary results from the NADIA trial

CROI 2021: HIV capsid uncoats in the CD4 nucleus rather than the cytoplasm – viral lifecycle updated…

CROI 2021: Community HIV cure workshops online

R4P virtual conference (2021)

VRC01 antibody only prevents minority of HIV infections: AMP study results

Long-acting bNAb is safe and well tolerated and achieves target concentrations in newborns (VRC07-523LS)

Promising data for multipurpose technologies to prevent HIV and pregnancy

12th International Workshop on HIV paediatrics

New LPV/r-based fixed dose HIV combination for young children: first results with Quadrimune 4-in-1

BHIVA 2020 virtual conference now online

U=U is supported by a single undetectable viral load in the context of good adherence

Selected plenary talks and workshops from BHIVA 2020

BHIVA 2020 virtual conference

Worryingly low HIV knowledge among health workers at London hospital: 80% unaware of U=U, 36% worried about their risk from patients

12th International Workshop on HIV paediatrics

Dolutegravir dosing for infants and young children

HIV Therapy Glasgow 2020

Adverse pregnancy outcomes among Spanish women hospitalised with COVID-19

51st World Conference on Lung Health

No increase in adverse birth outcomes with IPT-exposure in pregnancy in two African cohorts

International workshop on clinical pharmacology of HIV, hepatitis, and other antiviral drugs

New neonatal liquid formulations of dolutegravir have comparable bioavailability to dispersible paediatric tablet

HIV Therapy Glasgow 2020

Capsid inhibitor lenacapavir, dosed six-monthly, has high barrier to drug resistance and no cross-resistance to other classes

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