Cure-related research

Dynamics of the HIV reservoir after allogeneic haematopoietic stem-cell transplantation (HSCT)

EACS 2023: HIV cure-related research

IAS 2023: bNAbs for prevention and cure: antiviral and vaccine-like responses

IAS 2023: Rapporteur summary Track A – basic science

Geneva patient and other HIV cure research at IAS 2023

Early press conference: cure, gay circumcision, PrEP choices, mpox, and COVID-19

Viral reservoir increases on long-term ART: new strategies for a cure

HIV cures 3, 4 and 5: Düsseldorf case published, City of Hope patient gives public interview, New York case published

The Düsseldorf patient HIV cure case published in Nature Medicine

Another possible HIV cure case after stem cell transplantation for cancer; example of extended post-treatment control in Spain

Other cure-related sessions at AIDS 2022

Combination bNAb’s sustain viral suppression for 40 weeks: phase 1 results

Community webinar series on HIV cure-related cell and gene therapy

CROI 2022: Genomic entrapment of HIV in people on long-term ART, chimeric antigen receptor T cells and more on bNAbs

CROI 2022: Fourth potential stem cell HIV cure – in a US woman using donor cord cells

CROI 2022: Strategies to suppress viral load off-ART with 3BNC117, 10-1074 and other bNAbs

CROI 2022: Targetting reservoir with ART + bNAb 3BNC117 + romidepsin maintained undetectable viral load off-ART for 3.7 years in one case

CROI 2022: Dual bNAb treatment maintains undetectable viral load off-ART in 44% of children in the Tatelo Study

CROI 2022: AAV8-VRC07 vaccine generates new bNAb production in HIV positive people for up to three years

CROI 2022: No impact from high-dose vitamin D3 on reducing the HIV viral reservoir

Reducing the risk of COVID-19 in research that involves interrupting ART

IAS strategy for an HIV cure (2021): easy-to-read Q&A

Explaining rare cases of HIV remission – and risk of viral rebound after many years off-ART

Predicting likelihood of post treatment control in HIV cure-related studies that interrupt ART

CROI 2021: Community HIV cure workshops online

New insights into elite control of HIV and a possible case of virus clearance

Pathways to an HIV cure: online presentations

Case report of short-term HIV remission from adding oral nicotinamide to intensified ART

New HIV remission case report at AIDS 2020: full report

A step forward for AAV-mediated delivery of bNAbs

London patient is second person to be cured of HIV from allogeneic stem-cell transplant

The London Patient tells his story as second person cured of HIV

Where is cell and gene therapy in an HIV cure?

Distinguishing potential mechanisms of HIV persistence

Case report from the first clinical trial of CRISPR-edited stem cells in people with HIV and cancers

HIV risk to partners of people in studies with a treatment interruption

Gene editing to eliminate HIV from mice: misleading and wrongly reported in media coverage

bNAb research at CROI 2019: vaccine, prevention, treatment and cure…

Other cure related studies at CROI 2019

UK patient likely to be the second person cured of HIV: two further cases at CROI 2019 of HIV remission after allogenic stem cell transplants

Pre-CROI Community HIV Cure Workshop 2019

New community recommendations for HIV cure studies that include a treatment interruption

How to evaluate PrEP and vaccines: urgency for next generation compounds

Second case of potential HIV eradication

Post-AIDS 2018 updates on HIV cure research

FDA-approved compounds that might selectively reverse HIV latency

Lack of impact on viral reservoir with α4β7 monoclonal antibody vedolizumab: macaque results not matched in humans

Janssen HIV vaccine: update from APPROACH and largescale efficacy study

First randomised kick-and-kill cure study fails to reduce HIV reservoir: RIVER study reports vorinostat and vaccines show activity, but not enough

What to watch: HIV cure-related research at AIDS 2018

Cure research: open access publications

Online database of more than 200 studies on HIV cure research

Community survey on treatment interruptions (ATIs) in cure research

Cure research at CROI 2018: defining and reducing the reservoir and the risks from interrupting treatment

Elite controllers: sex differences and factors associated with loss of immune control

Assessing antiretroviral therapy interruptions in HIV cure research

Inching towards an HIV cure: bNAb and TLR-7 agonist reduce viral rebound off-ART in macaques

No HIV evolution in plasma or lymph nodes on suppressive ART and no impact from further intensification

New data on identifying and targeting the latent HIV reservoir

Recruiting natural killer cells to target HIV persistence

Additional remission cases published: but eradication needs 10,000-fold reduction in viral reservoir

HIV vaccine update: the “Miami macaque” as proof-of-concept breakthrough?

ABX464 nudges viral reservoir but not time to viral rebound

Estimating the total size of the HIV reservoir

Report from the IAS HIV Cure & Cancer Forum, 22–23 July 2017, Paris

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