Paediatric care

Review of US PEPFAR programme highlights continued higher infant mortality

IAS 2023: In-utero tenofovir-based PrEP has no effect on children’s bone mineral density

IAS 2023: CHAPAS-4 supports better second-line options for children

No vertical HIV transmissions in the UK from women eligible for supported breastfeeding

CROI 2023: Point-of-care testing for mothers and infants: results from the LIFE study

EU recommends approval of dispersible abacavir/lamivudine/dolutegravir FDC for children weighing 14 to >25 kg

First paediatric pharmacokinetic data of dolutegravir in combination with a TAF-based NRTI backbone

VRC01 added to early ART in infants did not reduce viral reservoir

Using PrEP during pregnancy is safe for children

Dolutegravir-based ART in children and adolescents: effective in six African countries

Dual bNAbs in children: dose-finding and safety data on VRC01LS and 10-1074 in the Tatelo study 

CROI 2022: Dual bNAb treatment maintains undetectable viral load off-ART in 44% of children in the Tatelo Study

Substudies from the ODYSSEY trial: results July 2021

13th International Workshop on HIV Paediatrics 2021

Dolutegravir superior to standard-of-care in young children: results from the ODYSSEY trial

Dolutegravir superior to standard of care in children and adolescents: results from the ODYSSEY trial

Long-acting bNAb is safe and well tolerated and achieves target concentrations in newborns (VRC07-523LS)

New LPV/r-based fixed dose HIV combination for young children: first results with Quadrimune 4-in-1

Dolutegravir dosing for infants and young children

EU approves dolutegravir 5 mg dispersible for children older than four weeks

New formulation of dolutegravir will make modern ART available for babies and young children at less than $120 a year

New neonatal liquid formulations of dolutegravir have comparable bioavailability to dispersible paediatric tablet

Levels of long-acting anti-HIV bNAb high in infants after 1 or 2 doses – but not high enough

Paediatric dolutegravir dosing at AIDS 2020

FDA approves dolutegravir formulations to treat infants and young children

Dolutegravir for younger children: results from the ODYSSEY trial

B/F/TAF suitable for children from six years of age

Paediatric dolutegravir update

No significant decrease in raltegravir free fraction during pregnancy

No additional neural tube defects with preconception dolutegravir: data from three birth outcome cohorts

Why U=U does not cover breastfeeding

Dolutegravir dispersible tablets for infants and young children: early PK, safety and efficacy

10th International Workshop on HIV Paediatrics – first reports

Etravirine dispersible paediatric tablet has greater bioavailability when dispersed in water compared to swallowed whole  

Dispersible paediatric versions of dolutegravir provide higher bioavailability than immediate release formulations  

FDA guidance for developing paediatric ARVs: online for comment (2018)

Switch to TAF appears safe and effective in adolescents: similar PK to adults

Doubling raltegravir dose could overcome interaction with rifampicin in children aged 2 to 6

FDA approves raltegravir for newborns

Earlier ART reduces infant mortality in South Africa but risk of death and loss to follow up still high

Long-acting ART for children is a deferred priority despite achievable dosing

9th International Workshop on HIV Paediatrics, 21–22 July 2017, Paris

Chewable raltegravir tablets can be crushed and dispersed in liquid for young children

FDA approves sofosbuvir/ledipasvir and sofosbuvir for children aged 12 to 17

Community presentations: dental care, HIV awareness and access to formula milk

VRC01 in HIV-exposed newborns: first results support monthly injections for those at risk through breastfeeding

Raltegravir pharmacokinetic targets met in high-risk HIV-exposed infants

Tenofovir alafenamide exposure is modestly higher in children than adults

New HIV diagnoses in children in UK and Ireland continue to decline

World Health Organisation paediatric dosing tool

Dolutegravir exposure increases when fixed dose combination tablets are crushed

Pharmacokinetics, safety and efficacy of dolutegravir in very young children

FDA approves maraviroc for children aged two and older

Raltegravir-based third-line ART in children and adolescents

Raltegravir in HIV-exposed neonates

Virological response without routine viral load monitoring in children: results from the ARROW trial

Tenofovir-containing ART reduces bone mineral density in breast feeding women: results from IMPAACT P1084s

PROMISE results support WHO recommendations for pregnant and breastfeeding women: more needs to be done to improve ART acceptability and adherence

No increased resistance with once daily dosing of abacavir and 3TC than twice daily dosing in the ARROW trial

Shortened nine-month MDR-TB treatment works well in children and adolescents

Levofloxacin: safety and tolerability in HIV positive and negative children treated for MDR-TB

The paediatric antiretroviral pipeline

The paediatric tuberculosis treatment pipeline: beyond pharmacokinetics and safety data

No effect of tenofovir on infant bone mineral content in African study

Use of modelling to predicting paediatric dosing of long acting antiretrovirals

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