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New community platform on HIV and mental health: in 10 EU languages

UK increases funding to UNAIDS: still dramatically lower than before last years’ 80% cut

Family of Greek activist Zak Kostopoulos decry minimal sentence given to his killers

Two new platform vaccines against COVID-19 report phase 3 results

Zimbabwe decriminalises HIV transmission

Robert Carr Research Award: call for nominations

EACS HIV Summer School 2022: Applications are open

UK oral history project for young people who were born with HIV

CROI 2021: Presentations from the LEAP workshop 2021

CROI 2021: Presentations on

Calls to reverse proposed UK cuts to global health research

CROI 2021: Community challenge 6-month CROI pay wall – rather than usual open access…

Significant increases in LGV in gay men from 2017 to 2019: latest PHE report

HIV criminalisation during 2020: cases continue but also legal advances

World AIDS Day 2020: selected events

AIDS 2020: virtual content now available free and on-demand

HIV organisations challenge government proposal to abolish Public Health England

UK HIV organisations call for urgent review of crisis in sexual health funding

UK is one of four EU countries to lose measles elimination status

UNAIDS call on 48 countries and territories to remove all HIV-related travel restrictions

King’s launches transgender sexual health service with cliniQ

US requires informed consent forms for clinical studies to be posted online

Michigan State updates HIV disclosure laws to reflect impact of effective ART

Activists announce alternative 2020 conference in Mexico City

IAS condemns Tanzania’s anti-gay initiatives

Essential viewing: Live Growing Up – CHIVA 2018 video…

Cannabis-based products for medicinal use: Guidance to clinicians

HIV positive mother is living donor to negative child: HIV is considered an acceptable outcome of liver transplant

LGBT HIV activist Zak Kostopoulos murdered in Athens: campaign calls for justice

English court finds in favour of access to generic TDF/FTC

More than ten people a day died from drug-related deaths in England and Wales last year:

Younger people living with HIV more likely to have a positive self image

Campaign forces Government U-turn on linking NHS data to immigration service

St Stephen’s AIDS Trust to close after 30 years of HIV research

Continued demands to stop NHS Digital linking medical records to deportation services

US Congress rejects Trump’s proposed cuts to research budget for 2018

Discrimination against gay men overturned with new HPV vaccine programme for England

UK study highlights discrimination against trans people living with HIV

London signed up as a fast-track HIV city by Mayor Sadiq Khan

Forbidden words: transgender, diversity, foetus, vulnerable – banned from US budget documents

MSF secures generic hepatitis C treatment at $120 per course

STOPAIDS reviews DFID’s work on HIV and AIDS

Publications launched at IAS 2017

King’s Fund report on HIV services in England

Toolkit to support doctors against immigration interventions in the NHS

HIV: is victory in sight? – Brighton talk

Introduction to cost-effectiveness analysis for infectious diseases

Clinical management of HIV: EACS online course

New York reports fewer HIV diagnoses in 2015: target to reduce new infections by 75% by 2020

AT LAST: Gay men and transgender people in England get vaccine to prevent genital warts and anal cancer – impressive pilot results

UK 2015 HIV statistics: high engagement with ART but new infections in gay men and late diagnosis overall still high

Publications launched at AIDS 2016

High cure rates using generic hepatitis C drugs bought online: EASL supports lower cost access for Western countries

HIV positive transplant donors approved in the US

Public Health England reports cases of microbial resistant Shigella

HIV rates still increasing in gay men: 2015 report

Professor Clive Loveday awarded a Royal Order of Chivalry

The option for same day antiretroviral therapy on diagnosis: the future model for HIV care

WHO statement for public disclosure of clinical trial results

NHS further delays access to sofosbuvir

Public Health England outline plans to promote the health and wellbeing of gay and bisexual men

HIV in the UK 2014: Public Health England report on incidence and care

DSMB open report strongly supports importance of START study

EASL 2014: summary of interferon-free HCV studies with new DAAs

Partner 2 study extended for gay couples

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