Side effects

Weight changes on ART and how to lose weight successfully

NICE guidelines on management of chronic pain: exercise but not opiods

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) in HIV positive people linked to time with low CD4 count: partly reversible after effective ART

Weight gain with dolutegravir-based ART in Nigerian cohort

Weight gain with integrase inhibitors and TAF: three reports from AIDS 2020

Dolutegravir associated with weight gain in African ART programmes: findings from AFRICOS 

Obesity linked to dolutegravir, especially with TAF, could increase risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes

Predicted diabetes risk with first-line ART regimens: results from the ADVANCE trial

Dolutegravir associated with hyperglycaemia in people switching first-line ART in Uganda

Predicted diabetes risk with first-line ART regimens: results from the ADVANCE trial

Postpartum weight gain is higher with dolutegravir- compared with efavirenz-based ART among African women

Weight changes with doravirine-based first line therapy

Weight gain and metabolic syndrome with dolutegravir and TAF: results from the ADVANCE trial

Switching from TDF to TAF linked to higher BMI and cardio risk

Possible higher diabetes risk with raltegravir or PIs than NNRTIs

Greater weight gain with INSTI-based than non-INSTI-based ART among women in US cohort

Dolutegravir-based first-line non-inferior to efavirenz-based ART but associated with substantial weight gain: results from the ADVANCE study

Type 2 diabetes is often undermanaged in HIV positive people

Adopting new US blood pressure targets for HIV positive people could reduce cardiovascular-related deaths

INSTI and weight gain: reports from CROI 2019

Are integrase inhibitors linked to weight gain? – an evidence review

Frailty in older HIV positive people: independent associations with serious morbidity and mortality

Cannabis-based products for medicinal use: Guidance to clinicians

Efavirenz side effects and other drug-drug interactions are common in Ugandan cohort

BHIVA statement on potential safety signal in infants born to women conceiving on dolutegravir

Boosted darunavir is associated with higher cardiovascular risk in D:A:D study, but not atazanavir

Reducing risk of myocardial infarction (MI) in HIV positive people

Rate of bone loss on ART slows after the first year

Meta-analysis reports no significant risk of cardiac, IRIS or suicide with dolutegravir

Studies on dolutegravir and sleep, cardiovascular and CNS side effects, and risk of IRIS

Effects of the anti-inflammatory antibody canakinumab on heart disease and cancer: implications for HIV?

Increased frequency and progression of kidney disease in HIV positive people

Unexpected side effects with generic abacavir – and potential for rare reactions to other generic ARVs

High rates of of undocumented efavirenz-related side effects in Uganda

Case report of capsulitis with elvitegravir and cobicistat (EVG/c)

Further reports of CNS-related side effects with dolutegravir

Fanconi-like lab abnormalities reported with daily PrEP: shows importance of routine kidney monitoring

Bone loss with PrEP in MSM aged 18-24

Neurological side effects with integrase inhibitors cause low rates of discontinuation in clinical practice

Raltegravir increases waist circumference more than boosted PIs: greater with use of later ART

Efavirenz associated with suicide risk in analysis from START study

Persistent HPV infection may be related to tissue type in HIV positive people

Alcohol risks are higher in HIV positive people and linked to increased mortality

Renal monitoring in HIV positive patients: a new review

No difference in neuropsychological test results between early and delayed ART in START substudy

Immediate ART in START linked to greater bone loss over three years

Doubled hypogonadism rate in middle-aged men with HIV: fat is a factor

Neurocognitive disorder, persistent inverted CD4:CD8 ratios and immune activation in the CNS

CMV associated with 50% increased risk of non-AIDS related mortality in HIV positive people

Impact of smoking on life expectancy in HIV infection

Suicide not associated with efavirenz use in the D:A:D cohort study

Gender differences in use of cardiovascular disease-related interventions: D:A:D study

Efavirenz decreases exposure to hormonal contraceptive implant

Increased risk of ART-related hepatotoxicity in HIV positive pregnant women

Efavirenz-associated gynaecomastia reported to the national HIV and TB healthcare workers hotline in South Africa

Poppers-related maculopathy linked to permanent and serious vision loss

Risk of CVD or type-2 diabetes according to change in BMI after starting ART

Rosuvastatin may be partially effective in moderating residual immune activation on ART

Kidney signal trouble worsens over 5 years in Japanese on tenofovir

Bone mineral density linked to inflammatory markers in HIV positive people who are ART naïve

No increase death rate in HIV positive people with renal dysfunction receiving tenofovir in Zambia

Abacavir link to cardiovascular events in high-risk patients maintained in D:A:D study

Two percent rate of efavirenz discontinuation in an ART programme in Malawi

Efavirenz is associated with higher suicide risk in meta-analysis of four ACTG studies

Longitudinal changes in weight, lean body mass and bone mineral density in first-line combinations: ACTG 5205 substudy

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