Side effects

No impact of ART on progression or regression of anal squamous intraepithelial lesions

Incidence of cancers in Australian observational cohort

Statin use in HIV positive people

No impact of ART on progression or regression of anal squamous intraepithelial lesions

Osteonecrosis in HIV positive patients is associated with increased levels of CRP and D-dimer

Cognitive disorders are common in French cohort but are not HIV-related

Smoking is largest contributor to reduced life expectancy in Danish HIV cohort

Low bone mineral density in MSM irrespective of HIV status

Low incidence of liver-related deaths in HIV positive people without HBV and/or HCV co-infection

Rapid drop in mitochondria in fat biopsies within four weeks of d4T use

High dose multivitamin use in advanced HIV has no benefit to CD4 and viral load and may cause liver toxicity

Increased incidence of ischemic stroke amongst HIV positive cohort

First report: atazanavir-related gallstones (cholelithiasis)

High prevalence of peripheral neuropathy in children taking d4T in rural South Africa

Skeletal muscle toxicity and raltegravir

Proteinuria as a potential early marker of tenofovir-related renal toxicity

Earlier and greater comorbidities reported in HIV positive cohort

Theratechnologies withdraw EU application for tesamorelin (Egrifta)

Recent studies on HIV, ART and osteoporotic fracture risk

One third of HIV positive people at five UK clinics have symptomatic depression: link to adherence and viral suppression – 40% cases are untreated

Intranasal and topical corticosteroids and risk of Cushing’s symptoms in HIV patients on ritonavir-based combinations

Outcomes from switches to atazanavir/r in London

20% people switch Atripla due to efavirenz side effects: late switches are common

Risk factors associated with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) in HIV positive patients in the US Veterans Association (VA) cohort

Associations between tenofovir use and renal complications in VA cohort

No association between atazanavir and MI or stroke in D:A:D study

FDA reject capsaicin patch for HIV-related neuropathy

Hearing loss not associated with HIV in MACS and WIHS cohorts

More metabolic abnormalities in children receiving a PI compared to NNRTI in NEVEREST study

Lopinavir/ritonavir oral solution toxicity in neonates

Tenofovir associated with fewer side-effect related switches compared to AZT or d4T in first-line treatment

Meta-analysis of RCTs support use of smoked cannabis to treat HIV-related peripheral neuropathy

Nevirapine exposure was not associated with hypersensitivity in patients from Malawi

UK studies on bone health: increasedfracture rates reported in HIV-positive people

Muscle weakness or pain analysed as possible raltegravir side effect

Bio-Alcamid associated with unacceptablecomplication risk: no longer recommended as a treatment for facial lipoatrophy

FDA safety updates to antiretroviral labels

Update to US saquinavir label

FDA approves tesamorelin for reduction of central fat accumulation

High rates of bone loss and progression with HIV in longitudinal study

Development of chronic kidney disease and antiretroviral use in EuroSIDA cohortsince 2004

Tesamorelin for reduction of central fat accumulation: regulatory decision delayed in the US

75% HIV-positive children have insufficient levels of Vitamin D

High rates of osteopenia and osteoporosis: importance of DEXA monitoring

ACTG 5205: atazanavir/ritonavir vs efavirenz in treatment naive patients

HIV positive people in the HOPS cohort have 4-fold risk of fracture compared to general population in the US

Vitamin D deficiencies in HIV management

Central fat accumulation remains a significant problem in patients starting HAART after 2005 with higher incidence in women compared to men

Alendronate improves bone mineral density in HIV positive people with osteoporosis at 96 weeks

11th International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Co-morbidities in HIV (IWADR) 26-28 October 2009, Philadelphia

GSK issues Dear Doctor letter in the US: fosamprenavir and cardiovascular risk

HIV disease and renal function

Gender and race differences in lipodystrophy symptoms

Visceral adipose tissue returns to baseline after stopping therapeutic intervention with rHGH

Raltegravir body composition study: 48-week DEXA results

Lipid and metabolic changes with ARV combinations

Tenofovir and renal safety

Assessing the cardiovascular impact of HIV, abacavir, and new signals for lopinavir/r

Intensive smoking cessation programme reports limited success at 6 months

HDL particle concentration predicts cardiovascular disease in SMART

CD4 count >250 not predictive of rash-associated hepatoxicity among women initiating nevirapine-based ART in Zambia, Thailand, and Kenya

Genetic markers linked to early discontinuation of three antiretrovirals

High rate of rash in HIV negative volunteers combining raltegravir and darunavir

Bone loss in SMART study

Parathyroid hormone and vitamin D levels in patients using tenofovir

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