Coinfections and complications

opportunistic infections, coinfections and complications

The importance of confirming screening test results for diabetes and hypertension

ECG abnormalities reported by 44% of people older than 40 on ART: results from REPRIEVE study

Rare cases of PML diagnosed at CD4 >200 with undetectable viral load

HIV-specific mental health services across the EU

Benefits reported for continued use of cotrimoxazole prophylaxis at high CD4 counts in Malawi

BHIVA guidelines for the management of HIV-2 (2021)

HPV vaccine prevent penile infections in young gay men

UK Biobank study finds no link between CMV and cardiovascular disease: HIV not included

High efficacy of HPV vaccine in HIV positive gay men

HPV vaccine does not prevent short-term recurrence of high grade lesions in HIV positive gay men

NICE guidelines on management of chronic pain: exercise but not opiods

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) in HIV positive people linked to time with low CD4 count: partly reversible after effective ART

Significant increases in LGV in gay men from 2017 to 2019: latest PHE report

Mediterranean diet associated with maintaining bacterial diversity and markers of reduced frailty in older HIV negative study

Vaping can help HIV positive smokers who are not motivated to quit cigarettes

People taking more medications and women have higher fall risk in older HIV group

Management of testosterone deficiency in HIV positive people

Type 2 diabetes is often undermanaged in HIV positive people

Adopting new US blood pressure targets for HIV positive people could reduce cardiovascular-related deaths

Shared housing compared to living alone: higher CD4, lower viral load and reduced inflammation in macaques

Regular marijuana smoking linked to lung disease in HIV positive but not HIV negative men

Frailty in older HIV positive people: independent associations with serious morbidity and mortality

9th International Workshop on HIV and Ageing

Detectable viral load quadruples odds of recurrent falls in older men with HIV

More than 40% of HIV group has hepatic steatosis, regardless of age

Associations of loneliness with cognitive function and quality of life (QoL) among older adults living with HIV – 18% lonely quite often

Physical function worse in older women than men with HIV, despite better CD4 recovery

Changing comorbidities in HIV positive people older than 60 at London clinic

High acceptability of annual digital (finger) exam for early detection of anal cancer in gay men >35 years old

RITA: issue on lung health

US study tracks kidney transplant results from HIV positive donors

Not claptrap: kissing as the strongest route for oral gonorrhoea

No increased risk of IRIS in people with low CD4 counts receiving raltegravir in the REALITY trial

Reducing risk of myocardial infarction (MI) in HIV positive people

Reducing rates of HIV-related cancer in US from 1996-2012

Effects of the anti-inflammatory antibody canakinumab on heart disease and cancer: implications for HIV?

Enhanced OI prophylaxis reduces mortality when starting ART late

Increased frequency and progression of kidney disease in HIV positive people

Impressive HIV pipeline at CROI 2017

Paediatric HIV: CROI 2017

Increased prevalence of diabetes in HIV positive people

Poppers and cancer risk in HIV negative and HIV positive gay men

Other selections and webcasts

Increased risk of IRIS with integrase inhibitors reported in two studies

Breakthrough for treating XDR-TB and ameliorating TB-IRIS

Effects of ART initiation on human papillomavirus antibody response

Rosuvastatin for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in people with HIV

AT LAST: Gay men and transgender people in England get vaccine to prevent genital warts and anal cancer – impressive pilot results

Higher rates of eye complications in HIV positive people on ART

High prevalence of multiple high-risk HPV infections in young HIV positive gay men

Non alcohol fatty acid liver disease: an emerging problem

HIV positive people on ART have impaired alveolar immunity

START substudies: increased quality of life from earlier treatment but no impact on vascular function or cardiovascular markers

Impact of early ART on lung function: results on ART and COPD from START substudy

No difference in neuropsychological test results between early and delayed ART in START substudy

HIV and cardiovascular disease

Increased cardiovascular risks in HIV positive children in Uganda and Zambia partially reversed by ART

Recommendations for management of bone disease in HIV

FDA approves 9-valent HPV vaccine: active against types 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52 and 58

CMV associated with 50% increased risk of non-AIDS related mortality in HIV positive people

Impact of smoking on life expectancy in HIV infection

High prevalence of COPD at baseline in START study sub-study

Immunotherapy for PML: two case reports using IL-7 and experimental recombinant JCV VP1 protein therapeutic vaccination

Kidney signal trouble worsens over 5 years in Japanese on tenofovir

Caution against prolonged use of bisphosphonates in patients with mild-moderate fracture risk

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