Treatment access

Uganda Court rejects appeal against the LGBTQ+ hate law

CROI 2024: Opening lecture calls for scientists to speak up for LGBTQ+ rights in Uganda

Promising results from first study of long-acting treatment in Africa

Uganda hate law blocks HIV research: join 300 leading researchers in sign-on protest

First-line ART drops below US $45 a year for low-income countries

CHAI 2023 market report: decline in HIV funding threatens 20 years of progress

Implications of restrictions on reproductive rights for HIV care in the USA and beyond

CHAI 2022 report on global access to ART

ViiV licenses long-acting cabotegravir (CAB-LA) for generic access

Access to ibalizumab uncertain in Europe: TaiMed looking for new partner after Thera quits

NICE approves long-acting cabotegravir and rilpivirine injections in England and Wales

Darunavir/ritonavir price now US $210 for global access

UK government to cut international HIV support to UNAIDS by 80%

New formulation of dolutegravir will make modern ART available for babies and young children at less than $120 a year

Dolutegravir/lamivudine FDC recommended by NHS England

US government claims patent infringement by Gilead Sciences over use of F/TAF and FTC/TDF as PrEP

UK contributes £1.4 billion towards Global Fund for 2020 to 2022

Global Fund raises US$14 billion for 2020 to 2022

Scotland approves dual therapy with dolutegravir/lamivudine (Dovato)

UK HIV organisations call for urgent review of crisis in sexual health funding

Two pints of lager and a packet of PrEP please: London price for HIV PrEP drops to £17.50

Activists challenge block to generic PrEP and current US price of TDF/FTC

BHIVA preconference: U=U and HIV and immigration detention

Civil society organisations push for a target of $18 billion for the Global Fund’s sixth replenishment

BMJ survey reports lack of NHS planning for Brexit: impact on drug supplies unknown

BASHH, BHIVA, HIVPA and NHIVNA statement on a no-deal Brexit

UK-CAB statement on Brexit, HIV and access to medicines

Model predicts benefit of dolutegravir for all in sub-Saharan Africa outweighs risk

Activists demand $1 a day access to bedaquiline for MDR TB

UK government funding cuts leave sexual health and HIV care at breaking point

Brazilian court suspends patent on hepatitis C medicine sofosbuvir

Namibia close to achieving 90-90-90 targets

Viral load testing in Latin America and the Caribbean

Access to viral load testing increased from 14% to 61% over two years in Côte d’Ivoire

Superior efficacy with dolutegravir-based ART compared with other regimens at 6 months: real-world data from Brazil 

Phase 3 registrational data is not sufficient for roll-out of new ARVs in low- and middle-income countries

Generic manufacturers from South Africa and South Korea join Medicine Patent Pool (MPP)

WHO releases first list for essential diagnostics

Campaign forces Government U-turn on linking NHS data to immigration service

Almost 1 in 8 people with symptoms turned away from sexual health clinics in SE London: 40% are under 25 and 6% under 18 years old

Drug cost savings from routine use of generic ARVs: safety and efficacy in practice

Continued demands to stop NHS Digital linking medical records to deportation services

FDA grants tentative approval to first DTG/FTC/TAF FDC

Universal ART on diagnosis: approved by NHS England

75% of WHO essential medicines could be cheaper: UK and South Africa both overpay

London clinic to prescribe generic PrEP privately at £55 for 30 tablets

MSF secures generic hepatitis C treatment at $120 per course

Generic dolutegravir-based FDCs at US $75 a year for low- and middle-income countries

UK donates well to the Global Fund, but slashed bilateral aid for HIV

Dozens of countries left out of new PEPFAR strategy, threatening the global AIDS response

NHS access to PrEP in the UK: country update

Generic PrEP in France and Scotland challenges access across the UK

Dolutegravir outperforms lopinavir/ritonavir second-line: interim results from the DAWNING study

Swaziland nearly halves HIV incidence in five years

First dolutegravir-based generic FDC gets FDA tentative approval

WHO adds dolutegravir and PrEP to updated Essential Medicine List

Cochrane review of HCV treatment misses real issues of access to care

PrEP approved in Scotland but not in Wales

Sutezolid added to MPP as potential TB drug

AT LAST: Gay men and transgender people in England get vaccine to prevent genital warts and anal cancer – impressive pilot results

1000-fold mark-up for drug prices in high-income countries blocks access to HIV, HCV and cancer drugs

CHAI’s ARV market report shows more people than ever on ART in 2015 – and on better ART: but still some way to go

New online database for patent expiry dates in low- and middle-income countries

Global Fund is $2.6 billion short for 2017-2019: only $10.3 rather than 12.9 billion is available

Large disparities in costs of antiretrovirals between low- and middle-income countries

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