Treatment access

NHS England confuses arse and elbow: block to PrEP ignores UK HIV crisis and will send PEP services into chaos

High cure rates using generic hepatitis C drugs bought online: EASL supports lower cost access for Western countries

Timeline for access to generic dolutegravir: what still needs to be done

Botswana “Treat All” programme will move to universal treatment with dolutegravir as first-line ART

South Africa takes bold step to provide HIV treatment for all

New antiretrovirals could mean savings up to US $3 billion by 2025

Countries with lower HIV prevalence have lower ART coverage

Community oppose dolutegravir and cabotegravir patents in India

MSF call for cap for MDR-TB drug costs: only 180 people use delamanid over two years

Global Fund provides Uganda with a year of drugs to meet shortages

Transgender people left behind in the fight against HIV: Only 17 out of 130 countries have transgender representatives

Mbeki shows no remorse for role in AIDS deaths

Treatment as Prevention (TasP) in the UK supports access to ART at any CD4 count

WHO 2015 guidelines: newly recommended generic ART products on the way for adults

Better generic ART for low and middle income countries: dolutegravir at US $44 a year

When Global Fund support ends: Sustainability lessons from transitions in Costa Rica, Fiji, Romania, and Bulgaria

Price of MDR TB drugs could be greatly reduced with competitive generic manufacture

Potential for generic prices for 12 weeks sofosbuvir treatment to drop below US $300 and daclatasvir to US $23

CHAI’s ARV market report predicts that new drugs and formulations will drive the next major drop in treatment costs

New trade agreements threaten treatment access in Asia

Why the 5000% price hike for pyrimethamine in the US is relevant in the UK

Proposed TTIP trade agreement in Europe: Report shows European Commission’s access to medicines commitments are ‘empty gestures’

Australian doctors advice for buying generic sofosbuvir for HepC

“We will win or lose the fight against AIDS in next five years”: UNAIDS and Lancet commission report

The option for same day antiretroviral therapy on diagnosis: the future model for HIV care

New directions in the 2015 WHO ART guidelines

Large variation across countries in meeting UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets

Generic dolutegravir submitted to FDA for tentative approval

Lopinavir/ritonavir pellets tentatively approved by the FDA

Sofosbuvir access: new patent challenges to sofosbuvir

Hepatitis C drug access: Europe is the new Africa

Morocco’s acceptance of EU patent law threatens millions of lives

Global Fund releases end-2104 numbers

India rejects Gilead’s patent application for sofosbuvir

Savings to the NHS predicted from switching to generic antiretrovirals

Pill A, Pill B: simplified second-line treatment for low-income countries

UNAIDS sets 90-90-90 target for 2020 to end AIDS by 2030

No difference in overall anaemia rate with reduced dose AZT

Rationalising the paediatric antiretroviral formulary in Malawi

New ARV prescribing guidelines for London (2014)

Global update: hepatitis C treatment activism

Activists protest the price of sofosbuvir: “So-Valdi, So-Expensive” – UK access already rationed

FDA approvals of generic ARVS

Dolutegravir approved in Europe

BMS to add atazanavir to Patent Pool

Donors pledge $12 billion to Global Fund for 2014–2016: increase still short of $15 billion goal

Global Fund and UNAIDS urge Nigeria to reconsider new anti-gay law

Obama increases US contribution to Global Fund to $5 billion over three years

HIV struggle in South Africa undermined by medicine stockouts and mismanagement

Southern African treatment guidelines retain CD4 threshold of 350 for starting ART (2013)

High prices for antiretrovirals in middle-income countries outside Africa

From sky high to CHAI* – what needs to be done about dolutegravir pricing?

UK pledges £1 billion for Global Fund

France pledges $1.4 billion for Global Fund

UNAIDS reports new HIV infections are reduced by one-third compared to 2001

WHO 2013 guidelines: what about the missing formulations?

Pipeline oral HCV drugs and generic global access to DAAs: the need to mirror ARV programmes

Ending global use of d4T: UNITAID to tip market to safer alternatives

TRIPS extension for least developed countries

Community request Gilead to study and develop separate formulation of new tenofovir prodrug

Upcoming WHO ART guidelines (2013)

Fixed dose combination efavirenz/tenofovir/FTC for South Africa

New UNAIDS report highlights progress in the AIDS response in Africa

Indian Supreme Court delivers verdict in Novartis case: decision safeguards access to affordable medicines and prevents abusive patenting of medicines

FDA approval of generic ARVs

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