HIV prevention and transmission

Gilead withdraws application for F/TAF as PrEP in the EU

Imbokodo trial results highlight challenge of developing an HIV vaccine and urgent need for access to proven prevention tools

Moderna registers HIV vaccine study

IAS 2021: Proving efficacy of next generation PrEP: counterfactual controls in lenacapavir and islatravir studies

IAS 2021: New demands for better transgender heath care: No data no more

Phase 1 HIV mosaic vaccine study launched at Oxford university

HIV bNAbs prevent intravenous exposure to SHIV in macaques as PrEP

CROI 2021: Islatravir dosing for once-monthly and annual PrEP: if effective this could end HIV transmission

R4P virtual conference (2021)

VRC01 antibody only prevents minority of HIV infections: AMP study results

Long-acting bNAb is safe and well tolerated and achieves target concentrations in newborns (VRC07-523LS)

Promising data for multipurpose technologies to prevent HIV and pregnancy

U=U is supported by a single undetectable viral load in the context of good adherence

PHE report on HIV and STIs during COVID-19

Worryingly low HIV knowledge among health workers at London hospital: 80% unaware of U=U, 36% worried about their risk from patients

Innovation benefits of cabotegravir LA injections for HIV PrEP will enable a closer FDA review

Once-monthly oral pill as PrEP against HIV: islatravir study to start in 2021

HIV in the UK: diagnoses continued to fall during 2019 but 42% are still late

Two-monthly cabotegravir injections prevent HIV infection in African women: HPTN 084 study recommends early unblinding

FTC exposure higher in young transgender men than cisgender controls

Levels of long-acting anti-HIV bNAb high in infants after 1 or 2 doses – but not high enough

BASHH 2020 PEP guidelines: online for comment

EMA supports use of dapivirine vaginal ring to prevent HIV in high-incidence countries

Long-acting cabotegravir injections are effective as HIV PrEP in gay men and transgender women: results from HPTN 083

UK government cuts HIV PrEP budget in England by a third

Cabotegravir long-acting injections prevent HIV as PrEP

PrEP recommended by NHS England (at last)

Aerosol and surface stability of SARS-CoV-2 as compared with SARS-CoV-1

Monthly islatravir for PEP and PrEP: 12 pills a year could cover unmet need for HIV prevention in billions of people globally

No HIV transmission among Swiss infants born to mothers with undetectable viral load and who did not receive neonatal PEP

HIV in the UK – 2019 reports and data

Large phase 3 HIV vaccine study in south Africa is stopped early due to lack of efficacy

i-Base guide to HIV testing and sexual transmission (January 2020)

UK Guide to PrEP – November 2019

US government claims patent infringement by Gilead Sciences over use of F/TAF and FTC/TDF as PrEP

PrEP linked to lower HIV incidence in US, independent of TasP

US approves F/TAF for PrEP (Descovy): indication excludes risk from receptive vaginal sex

WHO update PrEP guidelines to include event-based dosing

UK issue joint guidelines on HIV discrimination in tattoo and beauty salons

PK advantages of TAF/FTC over TDF/FTC for HIV PrEP might compensate for low adherence: sub-analysis of DISCOVER study

Islatravir (MK-8591) implant sustains HIV PrEP protection for more than one year

Two pints of lager and a packet of PrEP please: London price for HIV PrEP drops to £17.50

Activists challenge block to generic PrEP and current US price of TDF/FTC

Fifty new HIV diagnoses at Dean Street linked to caps on IMPACT study

PARTNER 2 study published in the Lancet: global news coverage that ART stops HIV transmission

BHIVA preconference: U=U and HIV and immigration detention

bNAb research at CROI 2019: vaccine, prevention, treatment and cure…

New option for PrEP – TAF/FTC is non-inferior to TDF/FTC: results of phase 3 DISCOVER study

Arabic translation of U=U factsheet

NHS England doubles places on IMPACT PrEP study to 26,000

US CDC updates HIV rates in transgender people

UK annual HIV surveillance data published – full reports

Michigan State updates HIV disclosure laws to reflect impact of effective ART

3rd HIV Research for Prevention Conference (R4P2018) – second reports

3D printing technology has potential to individualise production of vaginal rings

3rd HIV Research for Prevention Conference (R4P2018)

How to evaluate PrEP and vaccines: urgency for next generation compounds

3D imaging show HIV infection might establish within hours

bNAbs for HIV prevention: extended-release VRC01, AMP study, 10E8 safety signal and pan-clade challenges

New UK PrEP guidelines 2018

UK PrEP guidelines now online (2018)

HIV diagnoses in UK drop for third year: among all ages, risk groups, and ethnicities and across most UK regions

English court finds in favour of access to generic TDF/FTC

High rates of anal HPV infection in gay men using PrEP in IPERGAY: the role of vaccination

Janssen HIV vaccine: update from APPROACH and largescale efficacy study

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