HIV prevention and transmission

Lenacapavir PrEP: 100% efficacy in cisgender women sets new challenges for global pricing and access

New CDC guidelines recommend selected use of doxy-PEP in the US (2024)

Modelling study challenges links between gender and PrEP: event-based dosing and easier daily dosing should work for all

PrEP douche achieves more protective drug levels than 2:1:1 oral dosing

Latest figures published on HIV in the UK: 2023 report

Oral tenofovir/FTC increases clearance of bNAb VRC01: implications for future research

IAS 2023: bNAbs for prevention and cure: antiviral and vaccine-like responses

IAS 2023: In-utero tenofovir-based PrEP has no effect on children’s bone mineral density

EU approves cabotegravir as injectable PrEP

Mutations associated with resistance to dapivirine vaginal ring: reported in 7/38 women seroconverting in the open-label HOPE study

IAS 2023: Rapporteur summary Track C – prevention

Breakthrough HIV infection on PrEP with injectable cabotegravir

WHO endorses “zero” transmission risk for people with HIV with an undetectable viral load

Viral load level when suppressed <1000 predicts future rebound: 3-monthly monitoring required

Early press conference: cure, gay circumcision, PrEP choices, mpox, and COVID-19

CAB-LA receives positive opinion for EU approval as PrEP

PrEP for women and PrEP: new translations (June 2023)

NHS England approves use of F/TAF as alternative PrEP

Generic versions of injectable PrEP could enable access to CAB-LA in low-income countries

CROI 2023: Bone density profiles for CAB-LA vs TDF/FTC oral PrEP in young adults

56 Dean Street as a nurse-led PrEP clinic: >20,000 clients in 2021

Latest statistics on HIV in the UK: data for 2021

Cabotegravir-LA submitted to EMA for use as PrEP in Europe

HIV seroconversions on PrEP in Australian study are linked to low adherence

Fantastic voyage: tracking adherence sensors in PrEP meds

ViiV licenses long-acting cabotegravir (CAB-LA) for generic access

A&E adopts opt-out HIV testing in London, Manchester, Salford and Brighton

Zimbabwe decriminalises HIV transmission

CROI 2022: UK study shows PEP is started earlier using home starter packs

HIV vaccine study using mRNA technology starts in the US

South Africa approves dapivirine vaginal ring for HIV prevention

CROI 2022: Injectable PrEP: impressive results, new viral load monitoring – but price questions access

CROI 2022: Long-acting doravirine implants as PrEP to prevent vaginal HIV transmission in mouse study

EACS case study: how to diagnose HIV on PrEP – stopping PrEP or intensify to ART?

US FDA approves long-acting cabotegravir injections for PrEP: price set at $22,000 a year

56 Dean Street reports M184V common with recent low adherence to PrEP and seven transmissions with good adherence

EACS 2021: a call for collaborations and for both HIV and COVID-19 

Gilead withdraws application for F/TAF as PrEP in the EU

Imbokodo trial results highlight challenge of developing an HIV vaccine and urgent need for access to proven prevention tools

Moderna registers HIV vaccine study

IAS 2021: Proving efficacy of next generation PrEP: counterfactual controls in lenacapavir and islatravir studies

IAS 2021: New demands for better transgender heath care: No data no more

Phase 1 HIV mosaic vaccine study launched at Oxford university

HIV bNAbs prevent intravenous exposure to SHIV in macaques as PrEP

CROI 2021: Islatravir dosing for once-monthly and annual PrEP: if effective this could end HIV transmission

R4P virtual conference (2021)

VRC01 antibody only prevents minority of HIV infections: AMP study results

Long-acting bNAb is safe and well tolerated and achieves target concentrations in newborns (VRC07-523LS)

Promising data for multipurpose technologies to prevent HIV and pregnancy

U=U is supported by a single undetectable viral load in the context of good adherence

PHE report on HIV and STIs during COVID-19

Worryingly low HIV knowledge among health workers at London hospital: 80% unaware of U=U, 36% worried about their risk from patients

Innovation benefits of cabotegravir LA injections for HIV PrEP will enable a closer FDA review

Once-monthly oral pill as PrEP against HIV: islatravir study to start in 2021

HIV in the UK: diagnoses continued to fall during 2019 but 42% are still late

Two-monthly cabotegravir injections prevent HIV infection in African women: HPTN 084 study recommends early unblinding

FTC exposure higher in young transgender men than cisgender controls

Levels of long-acting anti-HIV bNAb high in infants after 1 or 2 doses – but not high enough

BASHH 2020 PEP guidelines: online for comment

EMA supports use of dapivirine vaginal ring to prevent HIV in high-incidence countries

Long-acting cabotegravir injections are effective as HIV PrEP in gay men and transgender women: results from HPTN 083

UK government cuts HIV PrEP budget in England by a third

Cabotegravir long-acting injections prevent HIV as PrEP

PrEP recommended by NHS England (at last)

Aerosol and surface stability of SARS-CoV-2 as compared with SARS-CoV-1

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