BASHH, BHIVA, HIVPA and NHIVNA statement on a no-deal Brexit

Joint press release

The following statement was issued by four professional HIV organisations on clinical approaches to a no-deal Brexit. This statement optimistically suggests that pharmaceutical companies will carry the burden of planning and that HIV positive people only need to hold an additional month of medicines.


In 2018 the Department for Health and Social Care, in preparation for a no deal Brexit, wrote to pharmaceutical companies that supply UK medicines from, or via, Europe. Companies have been asked to stock at least six additional weeks supply, over and above their business as usual stocks, by 29 March 2019. We are confident this extra stock will allow usual duration prescriptions for everyone, even if there are short-term supply issues after March. Additional contingency planning has assessed specific antiretrovirals at risk.

Trust pharmacies, home delivery companies and community pharmacy partners should not stockpile additional antiretrovirals beyond business as usual stock – pharmaceutical companies are responsible for holding extra supplies. Clinicians do not need to issue longer, or earlier than usual, prescriptions and patients should be reassured that there is no need for concern about the supply of their medication and therefore no need to stockpile. Changes to predicted use of drugs could risk continuity of supply.

As is normal current practice, patients should be advised to ensure they have a buffer supply of medication to last one month beyond their next clinic appointment and to ensure their appointment is booked to reflect this.


BASHH, BHIVA, HIVPA and NHIVNA statement on management of antiretroviral supplies in preparation for a no-deal Brexit Scenario. (11 January 2019).


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