COVID-19: vaccine research

COVID update: new waves of BA.4 and BA.5 in the UK – all omicron variants linked to reduced antibody responses to vaccines

Importance of booster vaccine to protect against emergent COVID-19 variants

Similar COVID-19 vaccination responses in HIV positive people on ART and with good CD4 counts compared to HIV negative controls

US study reports higher rates of breakthrough COVID in HIV positive vs negative controls

Two new platform vaccines against COVID-19 report phase 3 results

Temporary protection against omicron needs mRNA booster: limited data for those at highest risk

Efficacy of mRNA vaccines in people with HIV or solid transplant recipients

Myocarditis and pericarditis after COVID-19 vaccines

Durability of immune responses to COVID-19 vaccines in HIV positive people

Sputnik V vaccine not approved in South Africa due to potential increased risk of HIV

Sanofi reports phase 1/2 mRNA results but withdraws from further COVID19 vaccines

BHIVA statements on third vaccine doses for people living with HIV

UK vaccine programme saved 100,000 lives

Large US registry confirms safety of COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy

US FDA grants full approval to Pfizer vaccine

Immune responses against Delta variant in people vaccinated in the UK

Neutralising antibody levels from COVID vaccines correlate negatively with age

Evolution of neutralising antibody responses to natural infection and after vaccination

Antibody responses to Pfizer vaccine in HIV positive people with high CD4 counts

Third dose of mRNA vaccine improves antibody responses in kidney transplant recipients

US CDC recommends third vaccine dose in some groups

Pfizer plans for third dose: questions over population need?

Efficacy of Oxford/AZ and Pfizer vaccines against Delta variant in the UK

Results from Novavax phase 3 study in the UK

WHO approves Chinese vaccines for emergency use

Selected other vaccine studies

Efficacy of Chinese CoronaVac vaccine in Chile national programme

London HIV study of responses to COVID-19 vaccines and natural infection (SCAPE)

mRNA vaccine fails to produce antibody response in late-stage HIV: low CD4 count and high viral load

Special report on background incidence of adverse events in vaccine studies

Third vaccine dose increases immune response to 68% in French transplant recipients

Third COVID-19 vaccine dose in US cohort of people on immune-suppressing treatment: safety and ethical issues

Plans for universal third vaccine dose for UK adults from September

COVID-19 vaccines increase sperm quality: potential to help uptake

MHRA authorises Janssen/J&J COVID-19 vaccination in the UK

Reduced antibody responses to first dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in HIV positive people with a lower CD4 count

France routinely recommends third dose of COVID-19 vaccine for some people with reduced immune function

US CDC reports 10,000 breakthrough infections after full vaccination: showing success of vaccine programme

Cases of COVID-19 reported including deaths in care home residents after full-course vaccination

Israeli study reports reduced vaccine efficacy in people with immune suppression until 14 days after the second dose

Novavax reports 43% efficacy against B.1.351 South African variant but negative impact in HIV positive participants

Oxford/AZ vaccine linked to 242 rare bloods clots in the UK: alternative recommended for people younger than 40

COVID-19 vaccine candidate from GSK and Sanofi to move to phase 3 placebo controlled study

Similar immune responses to the Oxford/AZ COVID vaccine reported In HIV positive people with high CD4 counts

Low responses to mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in those older than 80 vs <60 years and in recipients of solid organ transplants

Two cases of viral breakthrough infections despite full protection from Pfizer mRNA vaccination

US post-authorisation safety data on Pfizer and Moderna vaccines

EMA review of Oxford/AZ vaccine and rare blood clots reported in the EU

Interim results report 80% efficacy for India’s COVAXIN vaccine

Three new COVID-19 vaccine studies enrolling in the UK

US phase 3 results enable FDA review of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine

Janssen/J&J vaccine against COVID-19 is approved in the EU

HIV positive people in the UK now elligible for COVID vaccinations – and to become available at HIV clinics

What are the main COVID-19 variants? How can they affect vaccine responses?

Novavax: >90% efficacy in UK but 60% in South Africa, hints of lower effect in HIV positive participants

Russian Sputnik vaccine reports 91% efficacy at 21 days after the first dose

Janssen vaccine reports efficacy after single injection: FDA decision imminent

Oxford/AZ vaccine might still prevent severe COVID-19 from B.1.351 variant: supports continued used in South Africa

Unprecedented rapid speed of COVID vaccine development

WHO online vaccine tracker

COVID-19 vaccine pricing: a BBC guide

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine might still overcome UK and SA variants

Novavax phase 3 vaccine study launched in the UK, South Africa, US, Mexico and Puerto Rico

Merck/MSD withdraws two vaccine candidates from further research but continues focus on treatment

Early safety and immune responses in older people using the Oxford vaccine: overall results complicated by dosing error

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