Basic science and immunology

BHIVA update guidance on shingles vaccine

CD4:CD8 ratio recovery reduces with higher age when starting ART

Defective HIV proviral particles linked to persistent inflammation and immune activation despite effective ART

IAS 2023: Rapporteur summary Track A – basic science

Cannabis does not reduce T cells in people living with HIV

Review of idiopathic lymphocytopenia

CROI 2022: Telomere shortening associated with TAF but not TDF in CHARTER study

HIV-associated reductions in telomere length are stopped by effective ART

A step forward for AAV-mediated delivery of bNAbs

Science journal retracts article linking CCR5 deletion to reduced life expectancy

Gene editing to eliminate HIV from mice: misleading and wrongly reported in media coverage

New online animation of HIV lifecycle

Elite controllers: sex differences and factors associated with loss of immune control

Effects of the anti-inflammatory antibody canakinumab on heart disease and cancer: implications for HIV?

HIV remission news from IAS 2017

Natural history of elite controllers

HIV superinfection is associated with specific HLA types

Immune-based therapy canakinumab reduces inflammatory markers in HIV positive people on ART

HIV cure research and basic science: capsules from CROI 2017

Flagging the HIV reservoir: a potential new marker for CD4 cells hiding HIV

Soluble CD163 as a marker of CMV mediated immune activation

Levels of CMV antibody are linked to HIV progression and immune activation in Ugandan women

New HBV drugs and non-viral liver disease in HIV positive people

Developing multi-pronged antibodies to target the HIV reservoir

Combining PKC agonists and bromodomain inhibitors to reverse HIV latency

Estimating how frequently latent HIV reactivates

Innate immunity and HIV DNA declines in panobinostat recipients

Other short reports from BHIVA:

Timing of very early ART to limit early HIV-related mucosal dysfunction

Broad CD8 T cell responses are required to overcome dominance of CTL escape in the latent HIV reservoir

Broadly neutralising antibody suppresses HIV in clinical trial

Is HIV weakening over time? Unlikely, and a sense of déjà vu…

Quantification of latent HIV induction by vorinostat

Three papers on macrophages and HIV infection

Stemming the flow from HIV reservoirs with neutralising antibodies

Effects of long-term ART initiated during primary HIV infection on reservoir size

Molecular events in HIV neutralising antibody development

Incidence of HIV dual infections in US men who have sex with men

Reassessing the role of HDAC inhibitors in cure research

More on the links between the CD4/CD8 ratio, immunological perturbations, and risk of illness and death

Reports of a second baby possibly cured of HIV: uncertainty remains

Updates on SB728-T, a CCR5-targeting gene therapy

The prognostic value of interleukin-6 and D-dimer levels in primary HIV infection

HIV reservoir: CD4 T stem cells may facilitate long-term persistence

Update published on the first Berlin patient

Poor CD4 T cell recovery despite HIV suppression linked to increased morbidity and mortality

The relevance of the CD4/CD8 ratio in the ART era

First human trial of AAV as a delivery vehicle for HIV neutralising antibodies gets underway

HIV rebounds in Boston stem cell transplant recipients

Dual HIV infection in long term nonprogressor elite controllers

Circulating memory T follicular helper cells correlate with the development of broadly neutralising antibody responses against HIV

No viral load rebound off-ART following stem cell transplant: two “cure” cases using reduced intensity conditioning chemotherapy and CCR5 d-32 negative donors

HIV cure research: further capsules at IAS 2013

Sad news regarding attempt to duplicate the cure achieved in Timothy Brown

ART reduces HIV reservoirs in elite controllers: implications for cure research

Basic research highlights from CROI 2013

Probiotic/prebiotic supplement combination shows benefits in SIV-infected pigtailed macaques

Searching for HIV in Timothy Brown, the Berlin Patient

Reviewing strategies for draining HIV reservoirs

Can a route to broadly neutralising antibodies be traced?

CD4 T cells specific for different pathogens vary in susceptibility to HIV infection

Attack of the killer helpers (part two)

Lymph node fibrosis, CD4 T cells and immune reconstitution

New research on gut CD4 T-cell depletion and HIV pathogenesis

Hopes raised by HDAC inhibitor, but uncertainties remain

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