Janssen HIV vaccine: update from APPROACH and largescale efficacy study

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

As an HIV vaccine is likely to be a critical component of an HIV cure, ongoing results presented by Frank Tomaka and colleagues from Janssen were encouraging for showing improved immune responses to a promising new preventative HIV vaccine. [1]

These were from the phase 2 APPROACH study first presented last year and published in the Lancet in the weeks before AIDS 2018. [2]

This analysis included longer follow-up. All participants generated immune responses that were higher than levels that protected monkeys in animal studies and that were maintained for more than a year and five-year follow-up is planned.

Based on these results a large efficacy study called Imbokodo is already ongoing. Although this new study was referred to several times as phase 3 at the conference, the trial listing is as phase 2. [3, 4]

A second related presentation also suggested that a shorter 24-week vaccine schedule might be just as effective as the 48 week schedule currently used in the Imbokodo study. [5]


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