Other cure-related sessions at AIDS 2022

Richard Jefferys, TAG

AIDS 2022 featured several sessions on HIV cure research, some of which are listed below.

Thursday 28 July

Pre-conference symposium: Pathways to an HIV cure: Research and advocacy priorities

Friday 29 July

Satellite: Africa HIV cure research: Strengthening industry-community engagement in clinical research

Saturday 30 July

The view from the bench: Advances in HIV basic and translational research

Late Breaker Track A

Global Village: On the road to HIV cure gene therapy: Who can learn from whom?

Novel insights into the nature of the HIV reservoir and mechanisms of persistence

Sunday 31 July

Approaches for HIV cure and vaccine research

Combining immunotherapeutic agents to achieve ARV-free remission of HIV

Responding to the virus: Advances in HIV immunology

Monday 1 August

Late Breaker Track B

Finding the needle in the haystack: Progress in understanding the HIV reservoir

Tuesday 2 August

Shake and bake: Promising strategies for HIV cure

This report was first published on 29 July 2022.

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