Cure research: open access publications

Positively Aware: Cure issue – Summer 2018

The long running US community publication from Chicago’s Test Positive (TPAN+) features cure research in their summer issue.

Contents include:

  • Can your body be reprogrammed to control HIV? 
  • Fantastic journey – where HIV travels.
  • The reservoir – where HIV hides
  • Community cure resources 
  • The new poster boys 
  • The team player: focus on researcher Steven Deeks
  • The mapmaker: Sarah Pillal
  • The community watchdog: Lynda Dee

AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses: HIV cure issue

Peer review journal with free online issue.

Contents include: 

  • Managing expectations of an HIV cure: what should we expect? 
  • HIV cure research crowdsourcing: an author response 
  • Eradication of HIV from tissue reservoirs: challenges for the cure 
  • Timothy Ray Brown’s continuing activism toward curing HIV 
  • Harnessing novel imaging approaches to guide HIV prevention and cure discoveries
  • Therapeutic vaccine against HIV, viral variability, cytotoxic T lymphocyte epitopes, and genetics of patients 
  • Low levels of endothelial progenitor cells and their association with systemic inflammation and monocyte activation in older HIV-positve men 
  • Malnutrition in HIV-positive children is an indicator of severe disease with an impaired response to antiretroviral therapy 
  • If we build it, will they come? perceptions of HIV cure-related research by people living with HIV in four US cities
  • “We need to deploy them very thoughtfully and carefully”: perceptions of analytical treatment interruptions in HIV cure research in the US 
  • What would an HIV cure mean to you? qualitative analysis from a crowdsourcing contest in Guangzhou, China 
  • In vitro transduction and target-mutagenesis efficiency of HIV-1 pol gene targeting zfn and crispr/cas9 delivered by various plasmids and/or vectors: toward an HIV cure 
  • Proteomic profiling of a primary CD4+ T cell model of HIV-1 latency identifies proteins whose differential expression correlates with reactivation of latent HIV-1 
  • Immunogenicity of AGS-004 dendritic cell therapy in patients treated during acute HIV infection 
  • Now the spleen is an HIV-1 sanctuary during combined ART

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