TAG wishes to thank Simon Collins and Polly Clayden from HIV i-Base for their invaluable contributions to the 2010 Pipeline Report.

Polly Clayden would like to thank Professor Diana Gibb, Dr. Shaffiq Essajee, Caroline Grundy, Dr. Stephen Reid and Gregg Gonsalves.

Simon Collins would like to thank Dr. Graeme Moyle.

Scott Morgan would like to thank Brian Bendlin and Pascale Willi.

Javid Syed would like to thank all the researchers and product developers who shared their data and perspectives to keep the Pipeline Report current and accurate, especially Andrew Ramsay, FIND, Madhukar Pai, and Susan Dorman.

Claire Wingfield would like to thank all of the researchers and product developers who contributed to these chapters, especially Willem Hanekom, Aeras, TB Alliance, Otsuka, Tibotec, Sequella, Pfizer, Johns Hopkins University, and NIAID.

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