HIV: an agenda for action

NAT recently launched a new publication, HIV: An Agenda for Action, setting out both key aims to address HIV effectively in the UK, and also the practical action to be taken to achieve those aims.

The aims set out in the Agenda for Action are:

  • To ensure that there is a national strategic approach across the UK to tackling HIV
  • To reduce rates of HIV transmission through effective prevention
  • To significantly reduce the number of people with HIV who are diagnosed late
  • To address the  current failings in treatment, care and support for people living with HIV
  • To make rights, equality and respect a reality for people with HIV in the UK
  • To deliver effective commissioning of HIV that addresses local need.

BHIVA has worked with NAT on a number of issues in the past and we would very much appreciate your support as an organisation in taking this agenda forward.  We also feel it is important to have the support of clinicians as individuals to ask them to pledge their support to the Agenda for Action.  It is through widespread support we will gather the momentum to make these aims a reality.

Please email to sign up.

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