Volume 12 Number 1/2 January/February 2011

Welcome to the first issue of 2011, in which we lead with reports from the first (yes, 30 years into the epidemic), first workshop on HIV and women.

Conference reports also include exciting news on a new TB medication (from the 41st World Conference on Lung Health, and a couple of final reports from the Lipodystrophy Workshop held in London back in November.

This issue also has a brief summary on changes to the main US adult treatment guidelines (DHHS) which are important given that the UK guidelines (from BHIVA) were last updated in 2008 and are unlikely to be revised for at least another year.

Of note, BHIVA had just produced a CPD accredited (3 points) 40-minutes e-Learning module based on 18 questions on the UK guidelines (see BHIVA news for links).

Together with other treatment news we are saddened to report the now widely-publicised news of the murder of David Kato, and international human rights advocate in Uganga.

We join activists across the globe in sending our deepest sympathies to David’s family and friends and honour his bravery in standing up against prejudice and ignorance.

Links to other websites are current at date of posting but not maintained.