Thanks to the TAG staff, board, and donors for supporting the production of the 2011 Pipeline Report. Special thanks to the Kent Richard Hoffman Foundation for its generous support, which helped make this report possible. Thanks also to Polly Clayden who co-edited and co-authored the introduction; to Andrea Benzacar Dailey for her expert copy-editing; to Pascale Willi for graphic design; to Lei Chou for creating the online version; and to Eleonora Jiménez-Levi for expertly steering this report through to its completion.

About the authors & editors

Polly Clayden, Simon Collins, Mark Harrington, Richard Jefferys, Tracy Swan, Javid Syed, and Claire Wingfield wrote this report. Jonathan Berger contributed a chapter. Scott Morgan and Eleonora Jiménez-Levi were the executive editors. Polly Clayden and Mark Harrington edited the report.

Jonathan Berger is a senior researcher and director of policy and research at SECTION27. His work focuses on using and developing the law to ensure a sustainable supply of affordable medicines of proven quality, safety and efficacy.

SECTION27 (incorporating the former AIDS Law Project) is a public interest law centre in South Africa that seeks to influence, develop and use the law to protect, promote and advance human rights.

Simon Collins is a founder and co-director of HIV i-Base. He has been an activist since 1996.

Polly Clayden is a founder and co-director of HIV i-Base. The focus of her advocacy is women’s and paediatric health and treating HIV in resource-limited settings.

Mark Harrington is a co-founder and the Executive Director of Treatment Action Group. His current activist foci include accelerating research to cure HIV infection and research to pave the way for the elimination of tuberculosis (TB) and AIDS as public health threats.

Richard Jefferys coordinates TAG’s Michael Palm Basic Science, Vaccines, and Prevention Project along with the Accelerating Research to Cure AIDS Campaign.

Eleonora Jiménez-Levi is a senior Project Coordinator at TAG currently working on resource tracking for global investments in HIV treatment and tuberculosis research.

Tracy Swan directs TAG’s Hepatitis/HIV Project. She currently focuses on accelerating high quality clinical research on new treatments to cure hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in all people including those coinfected with HIV.

Javid Syed is the director of TAG’s TB/HIV Advocacy Project. His work focuses on accelerating research on a point-of-care diagnostic tests to rapidly diagnose TB in peripheral health care settings and at community level.

Claire Wingfield is the assistant director of TAG’s TB/HIV Advocacy Project. Her work is dedicated to accelerating research on new TB drugs and vaccines, with a particular focus on paediatric and maternal TB.

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