Webcasts for major research at IAS

This years meeting had three main areas of interest.

Firstly, treatment as prevention – most notably in a study called HPTN-052 and PrEP studies. The Treatment Is Prevention session include links to abstracts, slides and webcasts from the HPTN-052 study.

Secondly, research relating to reservoirs, eradication and the cure was established throughout the programme. This included overviews of the different ways that this could be approached and preliminary results for early potential targets. Unfortunately very few of the lectures in these sessions are webcast. However, the overview by Anthony Fauci, is online and worth watching to understand the new strengthening steer from the US that dominates global research.

Tony Fauci: 30 years of HIV/AIDS: a scientific journey and a look to the future

Towards an HIV cure: insight into residual viral replication, establishment of reservoirs and understanding mechanisms of persistence

Towards an HIV cure: new strategies for an old challenge

Controversies in HIV cure research satellite meeting

Thirdly, there were important studies about New drugs and diagnostics and new strategies with oral presentations on new integrase inhibitors (elvitegravir and dolutegravir) and NNRTIs (lersivirine), using of HSV drugs (acyclovir/valacyclovir) and currently approved meds (maraviroc/atazanavir). Plus, also in the late breaker session, an exciting new rapid antibody test for cryptococcal meningitis developed in the UK that can be used at the point of care. These were presented mainly in the following two sessions.

New drugs and strategies

Late breaker Track B

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