Volume 12 Number 11/12 November/December 2011

For this last issue of HTB for 2011 we bring together a diverse range of conference reports, treatment news, research views, global news, prevention updates and even a film review (of the excellent We Were Here).

The full contents highlights the breadth of these reports. Even for a publication heavily focused on HIV treatment and research, this does not exist in isolation.

So along with reports from the EACS, ICAAC and HIV and ageing meetings we include positive news that the Iranian doctors have been released, that the HPA is now recommending wider testing in the UK, and that Richard Jefferys, who leads on our basics science reporting each issue has successfully stood up to a high profile AIDS denialist. These people still exist. The New York Court summary judgement is a breath of fresh air and important glimpse of sanity.

But in global terms, the announcement by the Global Fund that it has suspended the next round of funding due to donor countries refusing to honour earlier pledges is an unhappy reality that dominates all other news.

There are 200 days to make up this shortfall. Otherwise, the benefits from the last ten years of both treatment and prevention programmes are likely to be quickly reversed and that this will further disrupt healthcare in poor countries and lead to millions of lost lives.

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